Chocolate Fondueeeeee!!!!!!!!!

WAHHHHHhhhh!!! Finally i get to eat the infamous Chocolate fondue!!! So we went after a frustrating session at Redbox. That will be another different story to tell.

Back to the the fondue, it’s has pure warm chocolate in 1 side and walnuts on the other side with a small candle beneath to keep it warm. The fruits, green apple, strawberries, peach, and bananas. The ice-creams are scoops into tiny scoops so we can eat it with just a bite. Yummmy!!!! And although 5 of us shared 1 fondue, its very filling. 1 foundue cost Rm40+ inclusive of tax we paid a total of RM51.

The Top View

Another Angle of the Fondue

Chocolate Coated Apple

The Aftermath!!

Me with the Fondue!! After fondue, the guys decided to go for a famous mee goreng along the stretch of Gurney Drive.It had been a long long time since i took a photo there, so i decided to take one. The very blue sky is extremely nice.

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4 Responses to Chocolate Fondueeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  1. Penang Podcast says:

    hi..the chocolate is so nice…mind to share where is that place??? would like to try it out as well…

  2. 5xmom says:

    Hey, tks for the link! Am gonna try out the Haazgen Daaz choc fondue tomorrow. Have you try the one in Ice Ice Baby? They have cheese too. I have some pics in my food blog.

  3. Eve says:

    Hie penangpodcast

    Its the haagen daz ice cream parlour along Bellissa Row in Pulau Tikus.

  4. Eve says:

    Hie 5xmom!!

    I’m so impressed with your blog!! Keep up the good work! btw, i stay infront of the Holy Spirit. hehee

    Bout the iceice baby, i got alot of feedback that the food dont really taste that great. A friend told me that the fondue couldn’t beat the one in haagen. =) indulge!

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