Things turned out pretty nicely for me this Christmas. As i’ve expect to sleep through it, i now had the best Christmas times in my life. Beats everything else except dizzily going to genting. The 55pd christmas tree that i decorated 😀

I am glad that my host family insisted on be going over to their house for dinner. Because of their persistence, i ended 2007 and begun 2008 on the high. However, i only get 1 present this year. From my only friend in the village, Elliott, who said “That’s so sadd” when i told him i only got 1 present from him.

I had a really nice traditional christmas meal for lunch which is a homecooked meal. I haven’t seen such amount of mashed potatoes ever. It’s all being mashed up in a pot and transferred to the industrial size rice cooker to be kept warm. Clever yeah?

The meal spread across the table and beyond. The table is actually not big enough to place all the food =.=

My plate. Hehe…I tooked a portion everthing because i wanted to try everything. Orang tamak selalu rugi. I ended up struggling to finish everything T__T I had lamb, turkey, chicken, beef, sausage and bacon, brussels sprouts, yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes and wine….VERY SATISFYING MEAL!! Thanks alot to the Wong family for having me.

After that, me and my new bff, Charlotte went back to her place to rest, digest and freshen up. Because we have big night ahead of us hehe. Too bad i didn’t forsee the future. All that i’ve packed is boring tops because i thought i’ll be spending time watching tv or mahjong with old people. Oo, how wrong could i be T__T

We drove around in a mercedes that day and at night, her friends drove an Estima to fetch us. I’ve never sit in so many luxury car in 1 day before. Hohohoh..

We went for another round of feast and free flow of wine at a chinese restaurant. That’s where the fun begins. I was introduced as the girl who speaks only English and Hakka to a bunch of hongkies. They are all so tension they don’t dare to speak to me. haha

Then we all just hang out at one of the guys house. Eating tong yuen. Watching tvb channel. chinese…After awhile we got bored, and managed to pin down the smallest size fella. We decided to make him very pretty…hahaha…and then after we are done with him, he caught another guy for us to play with.

We ended turning 3 total straight guys into pondan. AHAHA. The process of doing so was fun-nest! Hearing all the protesting was really funny. and they are really afraid of mascara and eyelash curlers.

I think it’s not really nice to show all of the photos. BUT there’s a few that is a must.

Notice the expression of the one been kissed. Priceless~~~

and this is the funniest picture i’ve seen in a long long time. BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

to be cont……

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3 Responses to Christmas!

  1. pp says:

    nice nice…i want christmas present oso..i oso got 1 nia..haha

  2. h3l3n says:

    food looks yummy.. haha the ‘guys’ r funny..

  3. Eve says:

    PP: u have to wait till next year already.

    Helen: very yummy..both food n guys. haha

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