Coliseum Cafe

Long time ago, when i was in KL last month, i went to this really unique place for dinner with C.Long and Sarah. I’ve read bout this place in the newspaper a couple of time.

This place is so old that it used to be frequented by the generals in the british occupation days. Even the waiters there are as old as the place. I would say the youngest one is also already 50 smtg. And it’s even under the Heritage something, erm, like to preserve the place from being demolished.

The owner decided to kept the interior design, the furniture, even the tablecloth and utensils which looks like few hundreds years old ady. Even the white shirt the waiter is wearing has infiniti ink streaks on the front pocket. Damn funny sight.

The food is really nice…the beer is also cheap..hehe..No wonder even before our main course was served, half the place is packed already. The service is really fast…surprisingly lor…and the food is nice. I love mine because i ordered some specials, which has stuffed fish, ham, cheese, chicken meat and etc etc and deep fried !!! Yummylicious!! Here we have the old school style bread and butter.

The thing is, i saw alot of people ordered the sizzling hot plate steak or something. Everyone had a bib on when they had the steak, so cute lor.. then you sit and watch as the elderly waiter make the plate sizzles infront of you profesionally.

I like this photo that Sarah took of me and CLong…

Then after eating and talking, we took photos…

And we want a photo of 3 of us together, foolishly, we asked the oldest person there, which i bet to be around 60/70++ uncle. The way he hold my camera was like swaying from left to right nonstop, and the 3 of us had to follow his direction.

The Result!! It was so blur yet the uncle kept arguing with us that it’s very clear -____- Everyone was like laughing in the restaurant watching our antics. At the end, we gave in to him and agreed that YES! It’s a Good shot~~ 🙂

Yes, so they even have this very nolstagic looking bar. I really like it there..although it had the musky old smell.. Notice the coat hanger… so League of the Extraordinary Gentlemen looking yar…

It’s a place that everyone have to visit.. Afterall, it’s part of our heritage 🙂

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5 Responses to Coliseum Cafe

  1. CY says:

    Lol. What a “good shot” indeed! xD

  2. teongzzz says:

    ~ahjang, does the old men smells enhanced the taste of the food there? lolz…

    cis, go there dint ajak me oso…

  3. Wan Yean says:

    eh what about our penang cafe? quite a heritage also wat

  4. Eve says:

    CY: its a powershot~ haha

    Teong! u read my blog 😀 GOT Ajak!! You dont want to go the curve with me…remember??

    wanyean: i never eat at penang cafe before… .

  5. Joash Chan says:

    My workplace is just a stone’s throw away from that place… =( *sob.

    yea, the first thing that I noticed was the table clothes too. The drinks aren’t nice though.

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