Coob Coffee Club, Penang

I’ve heard much good things about this small place at Komtar Walk. But for the past 4 years, there’s many times where I tried to patron the shop, it’s always a failed mission -__-

We went there on Friday night for dinner but was told everything was sold out by lunch time already 🙁  So after driving without direction, we ended up in town and decided to try out luck again.

It was a lovely shop which reminds me of those in Japan, maybe it was the ambiance, the interior and how cozy it was. We ordered a Katsu Curry as it’s the signature dish and a chocolate cake to share.


For RM18.90nett, it comes with a drink and I upgrade it to a cappuccino. The Katsu Curry was probably one of the best I had in Penang. Totally enjoyed it.


It’s also worth mentioning that they do have good coffee here. I will definitely go back to try their other dishes as I saw they have my favorite katsudon and some other pasta dishes.

Seems like I found another good Japanese place in Penang and now if I can find a good Ramen shop, my life is complete !!

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  1. Ben Khor says:

    Ippudo Ramen is coming to Paragon soon! Pretty soon your life will be complete then. haha

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