Cos I had a Bad Day!

I wanted to go gym this morning, but i overslept. Fine

I wanted to buy David Tao’s Concert ticket but it’s ALL SOLD OUT!! wtf. The concert is like in end of October ok?? All tickets sold out which means i dont have the chance to hear him sing live!! Arghh!! It’s like the only male chinese singer concert i’m willing to pay for except for Jacky Cheung. You think i can get in black market?? Anyone out there willing to sell me theirs??!!!!

I wanted to go gym this afternoon but i overslept again -,-|| And found out that my roommate already makan without me. Lazy to go out into the haze but i still cos i’m hungry.

When i was on my way to the bathroom, i stop to talk with Sarah. Then i saw something!!!

*Before that, i had to introduce you to JACK the Jack Russell, that our house owner recently brought home a dog. He’s the dumbest-est, and most useless dog i’ve ever seen in my life. He does nothing whole day but destroy our stuff.* He looks cute hor, but he’s a devil in disguise i tell you!!
To his name, he has destroyed 2 nike shoes belonging to my housemates(total lost), several nike socks, countless shoelace, MY topshop clothes, MY FCUK TOP, MY Naf Naf top, several expensive looking undergarments belonging to my landlord and countless towels and pants belonging to BlurAnthony. He also has this weird fetish of eating our soaps, detergent, shampoo and conditioner.

This is how he was punish when he gnaw our socks.
But, he is so damn weird, the more u wallop him, the more high he gets and kept on repeating the same mistake although he know it’s wrong. This is how he likes to be. All Tied up! hahaAnd this is the present he left for Sarah for holding him at the balcony ala Michael Jackson style. The rest of us are very nice, i took photos for Sarah as momento, BlurAnthony acts as cheerleader giving her moral support. HAHAAnyway back to today. While chatting with Sarah, i saw something yellowish hanging out from Jack’s mouth. I realize it looks very familiar. I bend down and saw he was sitting on a piece of yellow garment. And then i realize……..

FUCK!! HE’s GNAWING ON MY 1 AND ONLY DOROTHY PERKINS TOP! I sooooo want to kill that brainless dog!! ARghhh!! Why must he always attack branded stuff!! I know la, maybe to some of you people those mentioned are not branded enough but it is to ME! fuck!! i really hate hate hate hate that dog!! It’s like he can fucking sense which items are more expensive than others!!

No, i’m not going to post any photos of the destroyed garment. Too sad ady.

Just wanted to record down such a tragic day*shake heads*

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9 Responses to Cos I had a Bad Day!

  1. cK says:

    wei the owner should bring jack for training. cannot ler like that….

  2. Wan Yean says:

    i admire ur patience. if i was you, i’m gonna glue the male bitch’s lips and paint him green.. nobody messes with my clothes, especially if its a fcuk!

  3. aL says:

    yup. i tot breeded dog shud behaves better than the mongrels. boy, i was so wrong! lol. and how come he’s not toilet trained?

    R.I.P you beloved items of ms eve =p jack is cute btw. heh!

    in october, somebody will sell the tickets in the pasar hitam. dont worry girl =)

  4. Eve says:

    cK: This dog is different. like ate estacy..

    Wy: ntg we can do. owners dog except torture it at night. nyek nyek

    al: jack russell hyper active wan. He tot the balcony is his toilet ma…

  5. ting says:

    maybe u all should be thinking of buying a muffler for him..doesn’t his owner gets angry?how come he just gets away with it after destroying so many things?

  6. Eve says:

    Ting:i want to strangle him >< He dont just get away, he got punished but still does it...

  7. Wan Yean says:

    i think ur owner purchased a sadistic dog… likes to be punished and tortured.

  8. AhPau says:

    I happen to own a Jack Russell too. And yeap, they’re very kuai get. They know it’s wrong to do somethings, but they still do it anyways!! -_-” And another problem you will soon notice is…they shed LOADS of fur!

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