Crazy Rich Asians

This year, I would like to read more books than last year. I think in my whole life, last year was the year I read the least.  I aim to read at least 3 books and above, of any genre. I am even considering to join the book club that my brother’s gf set up here in Penang just to make myself read more and spend less time staring at my phone instead.

Anyway enough of my ramblings. I chose this book “Crazy Rich Asians” to kick start my little ambitious project as I’ve seen it been mentioned couple of times, and obviously the cover and title caught my attention.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book as I can related with the content which refereed to alot of  Malaysia/Singapore Chinese cultures and slangs. Also, the main location was set in Singapore, and I definitely can relate with those spider web family tree linkage. The book basically just spells out our culture over here and make it into a book. So the engagement was definitely there , what with the gossipy and critical side of family, how the rich are spending money obscenely, and of course how asians play it up by doing the right networking.

Rambling again. I should stop now. It was a good book and I will pick up another one soon. I have my kindle but never took a liking to it. I still prefer to hold a good book in my hand any time. Abrupt end.


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  1. Loved this book for the same reasons as you!

    SSG xxx

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