Cristang @ 8 Avenue

The battle of Pork Burgers!

I’m gonna trace all pork burgers and blog about ’em. Sorry huhu, post tak halal.

Been reading a couple of blogs raving on and on about this fabulous pork burgers and when Jason ask the dreaded question “where to for dinner!” …I had the answer!

Tuck away in the new development near PJ 8 building, it’s relatively easy to find. Instead of searching for the small and oval Cristang signboard, just look out some pub or bar called Miracles – its just next to it. stole the photo below off their facebook account.

The famous pork burgers are name from P1-P7. However, it’s not an indication of spiciness level or how high the burgers are stack and whats not. It’s just different name but fear not, they have short description on the menu.

I had the most normal burgers they offer – P3 with cheese, chilli con carne, bacon,  and gherkins.

Jason had P4, the only difference is that his burger comes with PETAI!!! o_o i hate petai so i will never order any burgers with PETAI in it..

With his girlfriend away in Dublin, and MrSmallFace away in Penang.. He’s my dinner date for the night! :p 😀

Always enjoyed a good company and ramble with old friends! We talk about a whole range of stuff from Picasso –> Mona Lisa –> Mental hospital –> Europe –> SXI/CLS .. Hardly get to meet with friends and chat so much already 🙁

The tea is about RM6 but refillable so there’s no need to spend so much on drinks~ To finish off the meal, we shared a Oreo cookies and cream with mint.

Looks nice only but it’s just normal oreo with ice cream. The cookies tend to get soft if you leave it too long.

The pork burgers range from RM14.80-RM29.80 and every Wednesday it’s 20% off all pork burgers. Better make a reservation as the place fills up really fast.

All in all, I still prefer Sid’s Pub pork burger and ambiance. Review click  HERE. The patties at Cristang is the crumbling type where me and Jason both prefers the one which is more “compact” and springy yet juicy and tender.. Chilli con carne turns out to be Jason’s exam food when he’s in Dublin too. When he taste chilli con carne = exam season.. that’s bad…. :s

I went to Sid’s on Sunday again and yes, i reaffirm that I still love Sid’s better. Ambiance and the mood setting of the place also plays a very important part.

Today, I went for another round of pork burgers with DivaLisa at  Ninja Joe@Tropicana Mall but did not bring along my camera. Fret not, I will return again and give it a proper post.

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  1. ah loon says:

    hehe slightly out of topic comment.. do “stupid bitch..hahaha.. luckily my dog is a smart bitch.. :evil:” ring any bells?

  2. Mr Huhu says:

    dat icecream looks nice. pretty much like oreo storm i guess

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