Curbside Prophet sang, danced and stole our hearts

*Warning, mraz overload full speed ahead*

Well aware that the concert was over for more than 2 week. People had been asking and wondering why there’s none post on this from me. No fret, here it is!!

We(Kimmie, Kurt, Me and Mung) set off early in the morning(930am=.=) heading to KL with passion, stopping at iPoh for breakkie. I did not have much as i was so sleepy due to the excitement that made me sleepless the night before

Upon reaching KL, we were quite lost around Masjid Jamek area as none of us are familiar with the location of Stadium Negara. Finally we got there, park our car and took the monorail to Pavilion for lunch. My lunch is just a plate of salmon sushi and some ice cream. Yummy ice cream but too sweet for my liking. Expensive too!!

Then it’s MRAZ TIME!! Was sleepy all throughout the day but i was bouncing all the way back to the Stadium.We were there considerably early. 5plus and there’s already a small crowd building. I met another Mraz fan there all the way from Manila, Meg who went to HK and SG show as well. She was waiting there since 2pm anticipating the throngs of people waiting outside like Singfest. Well, she had finally learned that we Malaysian have our own timing system here :p

The waiting area was humid, no proper line formed. People were just shoving and cutting lines when the gates were finally open at around 7plus. We were herded into specify zone like sheeps =.= and the wait starts again!

The ventilation for the venue SUCKS! It’s was stuffy, humid and hot. There where even very inconsiderate people smoking behind us. There were only industrial size air conditioning(bearly enough) and mist fan blowing into certain people face. It was very badly organized. A few comments i saw in the forum left was negative as well for organizers and this will leave bad impression to Malaysia as these people flew all the way from the countries.

Another query is that, why was the organizer playing some other people song over and over again while we were waiting and NONE of Jason Mraz songs =.= *annoyed*

Jason Mraz finally came out at around 830pm i think, and the frenzy begun!!

No doubt, no question, no surprise here that Jason Mraz and his SuperBand, did an amazing job in entertaining and getting the crowd going. For me, I think the peak of the concert was when he sang The Remedy. It’s a personal favourite due to the story behind and the vibe the song has. Whats with the medley of Wonderwall *siiighh*

The crowd went insane!! WE went insane ourselves. You notice me holding onto the barricade. Yeah, I got dizzy and was about to faint. BUT NOT IN A MILLION YEARS, i will allow myself to faint and miss out this concert! I was squatting for about 2-3 songs and enduring the kicks the fans that lost controls of themselves :S

During the song Lucky, Jason started the songs without Penny Tai because she’s late and Jason had to send someone to get her *the HORROR* how embarrassing it is!! The crowd sang a verse or 2 before she finally came on stage. The song would be much better without her anyway.

Anyhoo, there’s a part where Mraz started to chew something in his mouth. We were wondering where in the world the “food” came from. Turns out, it’s the Invisible Gum! I can’t find any video from Malaysia for this quirks of his, but this is one example.

Jason Mraz and the SUPER Band.

When the concert finally end, we were drenched with sweat. But the feeling like we were high on coke were inevitably there. We yearned for much more from him, but too bad, that’s all he can offer. I consider myself lucky, yes again that he dropped by Malaysia. The way he performs, the small ways he used to entertain the crowd is very similar as what he had performed previously in Singfest or from those i watched from Youtube i.e. Im Yours + babbling.. but it works with the crowd every single time. In a way, he’s fair to his fans around the globe..hehe 😀

We waited with the crowd for him to come out of the stadium. The stadium was old and the tour bus was too easy to spot. I love the part when one fan started to hum a tune from “I’m Yours” and the whole crowd burst into a singalong 😀 It made me felt like I’m not alone in loving this special artist.

The Man Guitar Case :p

Then he FINALLY Came out!! Kimmie managed to squeeze up front and got this shot. We curse the person’s elbow/finger/hand forever for ruining such a lucky shot *sour face*

A small photo of him leaving Malaysia for now…haiz…

The complete set list courtesy of the good people from rkop.

Make It Mine
The Remedy/In The Future/Wonderwall
You And I Both with Sleeping To Dream insert
If It Kills Me with best friend intro
Life Is Wonderful with Fernie’s solo
Live High
Beautiful Mess
Geek In The Pink
Dynamo of Volition
I’m Yours/3 Little Birds

Lucky with Penny Dai
No Stopping Us with band intros, Polaroid throwing, and invisible gum song
Butterfly with the cheesy dance moves..

Here’s an account of the Asia Tour from Jason Mraz himself *Freshness Factor Five thousand*

Linking cyber-red here for her fantastic photos and oh-so-lucky chance to have a shot with Jason Mraz *click*

A blog post on the concert in Singapore with amazing photos *click*

You can view the rest of the videos from the concert here as well *click* I tried to post as much as I can.

Come back soon, Mr.Mraz. We miss you already 🙁 Many still don’t understand my obsession over him. I don’t mind. As long as i understand that there’s many more like me out there, just in a different walk of life, same obsession over this gift to us 🙂

“To meet with the Geek, all you need is a heartbeat” – Gypsy Mc (live from Amsterdam)

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5 Responses to Curbside Prophet sang, danced and stole our hearts

  1. Reta says:

    thanks for the link! You can check out too

  2. Meg says:

    Hey, Lee! Nice blog! Thanks again for getting me the ticket. 🙂

    Yes, I did realize you Malaysians have your own timing system there. Kinda like “Filipino time,” actually. Haha!

    I’m sorry I have yet to send you a copy of our pic. Unfortunately, I left my memory card containing my KL pics and videos at my friend’s house in Singapore and I’m not sure when I can get it back. 🙁 I’ll send it to you once I get the card, though. 😉

  3. Meg says:

    Oh…KL traffic is kinda like Manila traffic, too. Sucktastic! Hahaha! 😉

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