Dad’s Birthday

Last weekend i was back to Penang for daddy dearest birthday.

We headed over to TGIF – penang latest food craze destination. Although i’ve already got bad feedbacks from people, but we gotta go try it out for ourselves. It was kinda full even at 630pm. But then again, it’s a saturday.

I would say the place was kinda ok. The food, so-so, actually kinda disappointing as i had better from them before. No excuse that the place is new or so on. My opinion is that, they had to be better if they are new so that they wont disappointed first time customers. Anyway, i’m using the old Minolta camera cos i left mine in kl for sweetsarah outing to the eyes.

First, we had something similar to Chillis Triple Play..i think it’s called the 3 for all or something like tat. Can’t beat chillis. However, the rectangular shape thingie was good. It’s was filled with melting cheese! YUM!!

That’s my JackDaniel Chicken and Shrimp. The chicken was abit hard, broccoli VERY undercook-that’s like the only vege i eat, and the shrimp not crispy but taste oily.

The newly weds

And BrotherPoh plus Gf.

The good thing bout this branch is their service. Overall service was excellent. The waiter that served us was really really funny. THE blow-est, steamest, blurrest person we’ve met. The type that after getting smacked on the face, will only say “ouch” after 5 minutes.

We had a free birthday cake from them. In return, my dad had to stand on the chair and give a speech with a pepper grinder. HAHAHAThe singsong from them was very entertaining. It’s a good place to celebrate birthday because of the atmosphere those people create.

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