Day 1 Jeju – Hyeopjae Beach, Backpacker’s Home

For better understanding of my plan, I’ve included a rough sketch of it on the Jeju Map. As most of the attraction are on the south side of the island, I decided that we should stay at Seogwipo-si and return to Jeju-si on the final night as it’s nearer to the airport. The red line – Day 1, blue – day 2 and fuchsia is day 3 route. In a way, I hope to cover all of the Island coast drive in our 3 days there.


I’ve prepared some routes we could follow while heading towards Seogwipo-si which is about 1 hour from Jeju-si. Since we have sometime before the sun goes down, we decided to visit Hyeopjae Beach (협재 해수욕장). One shouldn’t leave Jeju Island without visiting one of the famous beach, even during winter. The journey was about an hour and a pleasant one as we were soaking in the view.


Most of the places have free public parking and for those that charged its about 2,000KRW per entry. Turns out, that day weather was super cold even for the local. As we were at the beach, it was SUPER cold due to the wind and probably we have yet adjust to the coldness.

It was a really nice stretch of beach with super clear (and freezing) water. Apparently one of the best in Jeju after Gimyeong Beach. I would imagine it be super nice place to hang out when the weather is a little kinder.


After taking a few photos, we couldn’t bear the cold any more and decided to hide inside a cafe. The one we went to was just right across the street and apparently quite famous for their huge herb burger.


Me and K spend 2 night at Backpacker’s Home in Seogwipo City (si) while the girls chose Yilin Pension about 15min drive away. It was a very comfortable stay and clean even though we took the mixed dorm. The bed was warm and great to sleep in. The only problem we had was snoring roomies -_- but for me, K snores sometimes too so it will be problem for me even if we took a private room Lol~~


They have this bbq pit infront and you can ask the staff to prepare if for you if you like. Our roommate was having bbq that day and it actually look really nice. Location wise very convenient as its walking distance to the town center and the Jeju Olle Market.


Alternatively, you may choose to drive by the Mt Halla via 1100 Road(1139 Highway).
Route: Jeju-si⇨Mt. Halla⇨Seogwipo-si

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