Day 3 Jeju – Part 1 Jeongbang Falls, Abalone Porridge

For our last day in Jeju,  we check out from the backpacker early because we will drive along the coast back to Jeju-si and by early, it’s already past 10am.

Jeongbang Falls 정방폭포

As I mentioned earlier, you can visit this place when you visit Cheonjiyeon Waterfall as it’s just 5 minutes apart. I believe that in Jeju, in order to view outstanding scenery, one must have a good health. It’s all about climbing stairs and walking miles today. Seriously, I have my max out my exercise quota for a quarter.


This waterfall I think is a worth a short visit as its only water fall in Asia that falls directly into the ocean. And the view from the top was quite nice.

Ahjummas 아줌마 (old aunties) selling fresh seafood meant to be eaten raw by the sea. How nice to savour abalones and octopus still very much kicking next to the sea accompanied by a symphony from the waves. 


Reached the fall together with the other few thousand tourist trying to get a clean shot after a short walk. As you can see, I was not dressed to hike and climb for that day.


Admission fee: 2000KRW
(N 33 14.714 E 126 34.254

Abalone Porridge

Abalone porridge is a MUST eat when visiting Jeju for foreigners, just like the black pork. From the previous destination, we drove for more than an hour to reach the east of Seogwipo area. Since we only grab some stuff from the convenience store for breakfast, we were eager to find a GOOD lunch place.  And we found out most of the better abalone restaurants are located on this side of the island

So again, we turn to our trusty 4square and google for some places and decided to go with this one which was really near to Seongsan but not exactly around the tourist hot spots.


See, not too far 🙂

When we were there, again, we were the only foreigners to an almost full place, which we took as a good sign. The whole place was set to look like a canteen and run by ahjumma.

Abalone Porridge

The menu


The highlight of the meal. Abalone porridge. I know it doesn’t look appetizing but I assure you it is delicious.


Remember to have it with the banchan (side dishes) provided as it will give it a stronger and slightly different taste. Although the porridge itself has a naturally sweet taste of the abalone. They already cut up the abalone in case you feel its just a small bit and the texture was just right. Not too hard nor chewy.

Tel: +82 64-784-0893

After the meal, we were suppose to go direct to Seongsan Ilchubong, but I was distracted attracted by the beautiful scenery behind the restaurant. Well, what is the point of a self driven trip if we have to stick strictly with the schedule right.

Somehow the sky was just so blue and water was so clear. The water wasn’t just clear. It wasn’t just blue. It was a shade of shimmering emerald green blending in some blue.  It was REALLY a beautiful sight. The horizon was as far as one can see. K took this photo of me tottering among all those rocks leaving him behind just so I can touch the water hehehe. If you can spot me.



It was probably one of my best moment in Korea? Discovering this spot, at the right time and right moment. Just beautiful.

“Beautifulest” – Kwangsoo

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