Day 3 Jeju – Part 2 Seongsan Ilchubong, Seopjikoji

Ok! Last one for Jeju then we move on to Seoul ok?

Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak (Sunrise Peak) 성산 일출봉

After the abalone lunch, we proceed to Seongsan Ilchubong which is just about 5 minutes away. This is a view from the entrance, after we walked from the parking lot. So, just be mentally prepared to walk hike all the way to the very tip of the that crater. Well, it is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site after-all. Also, Jeju Island is now declared  one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature too, and with that, I have 5 more to go since I’ve been to Halong Bay too ^^ 

It is also called the Sunrise Peak as it’s famous to catch the first ray of sunlight. But since that requires me to wake up at ungodly hours like 4am, I decided to skip that and visit when I’m fully rested. Also it is really a day of walking and walking and walking. I will post the photos according to chronological so you will know how FAR it is to walk



After 5mins of walking uphill, you will reach this junction.


Tips: Try to catch the women’s diver performance that starts at 130pm and 3pm on most day.



Jeju Island are famous for their haenyeo (“sea women”) and stones. So here, we get to witnessed it all! The divers are really something and worth respecting. They age an average of 70 years old and can free dive in the freezing water in their home-made rubber suits. I just dipped my fingers in the water and it was icy icy cold. The oldest being 80+ years old. Seriously, cant imagine diving at 80 years old. But they have to do it to support their family.


See, the auntie caught an octopus with her bare-hands within minutes! People will be bidding for it immediately to eat it fresh.

PicMonkey Collage

Super fresh abalone. It’s abundant in Jeju!

Then we have to hike up the stairs again to continue our journey to the crater.


At the first rest hut, I gave up and went down to wait for K who insisted on going up. My feet already hurt like mad and I can’t imagine the hike down so I walked down slowly to some bench and enjoyed the breath taking view and breeze instead.


Can you imagine how far it is? The entrance is where the turquoise roof is at. And prior to that we went down to the seaside at the bottom right of the picture. And this is a photo I took from Flo’s album to show you how steep and crazy the 600 stairs are!!


I’m quite glad I quit! This was my view while waiting for K haha! So nice! One of my fav moment again as I get to people watch.


Admission fee: 2000KRW
^^Open daily 5 a.m.-9 p.m. in winter, 4 a.m.-10 p.m. in summer, except in bad weather;
114 Seongsan-ri, Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do (제주특별자치도 서귀포시 성산읍 성산리 114)
Tel: +82 64 783 0959

Seopjikoji  섭지코지

Our last destination before returning the car 🙁  It’s about 20minutes drive apart. On the way there, just a few minutes away from Seongsan parking lot, I spotted these Canola Flower field. Stretches of them, and since I was driving, I just stopped at the roadside along with many other cars and insisted to take photos of them. Hahaha..Girls..Prior to the trip, I’ve already seen photos of these fields and people just say they are everywhere and I was already keen to look out for them.

While I was skipping towards the field, before entering, we were stopped by some ahjummas who was there to collect 1000KRW each -__- Anyway, I didn’t care and just continue skipping into the field while K paid the fees while giving me the “look” 


K wasnt being  super cooperative so we just left after a few snaps. You know, guys and flowers pffttt… Well, we DID get some nice photos from that place isn’t it?



Back to the main topic, Seopjikoji ! It was another picturesque location famous for a lighthouse at the end of the trail. Apparently it is really famous because it’s the filming location for some drama (All In) . Also, it’s another location which involved plenty of walking again.




Guess what is the yellow patch near the right of the photos? Yes, Canola flowers field and it’s FREE! Hahaha, seems like I did deserved the death stares from K earlier on :p

Admission fee: Free

Then we begun our slow drive back to the city to check in to our hostel and return the car 🙁 Along the way, K was excited to see some giant windmills ..against some cabbage patch


At the hostel, we met up again with the girls and we were recommend this really famous noodle place in Jeju. Since we had bbq pork the night before, so we wanted something local and different.

Jamae Kuk Su 자매 국수 

The queue was so freaking long, I think we waited for about 40minutes to get a table.


We ordered all 3 types of noodles available. The dry and spicy, the pork broth base and one which I forgot because it’s not memorable.

kukso IMG_8307

It was yummy but just missing something. We all agreed that Japanese Ramen in Japan are still the bomb! The soup base was great, the pork slices was great but the ramen textures are just so-so.

Tel: +82 64-727-1112

In case you are wondering where we stayed, it’s called The Forest Hostel and we would totally recommend it to anyone. The location is really central, very near to airport, like 5-1o mins by taxi and it’s just next to the famous Black Pork street. The room was clean and comfy and it was a pity we only had 1 night with them.

Seoul next!

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