Daylight Robbery

This is NOT what i intended to post up. It is suppose to be about yummy ramen.

This very afternoon, in an alley where adults and children walks at all time of the day, right infront of my balcony, i heard a lady voice screaming “tolong!! Tolong!!” I didn’t realize after a while that there’s people actually shouting for help, while i am plonked inside my living room, replying to emails.

I rushed to my balcony and saw 2 lady struggling with the motorcyclist pillion. Then i started shouting “Oii!!” “Tolong!!” from my balcony while some neighbors around did the same, as that’s the only thing we could do at that point. Hurling stuff out was not an option as there’s quite a distance from where we stand. Needless to say, the 2 Malay scumbags speed off with the lady handbag.

It was just so quick, like snatching a lollipop away from a child. I dont believe what the PR statement that the police and government has been churning out. Tell me, which one the high profile reported crime against ladies of late had been resolved?? None that I know off. Instead of churning out statistic which we all know that numbers can be well played with, show us the faces of the scumbags that you had “caught” Then my faith in the country security may be restored.

No more lip service. No more excuses. My safety concerns and I believe many others need to be addressed soon, if not now, with something more solid than reading out of the scripts prepared by your PR exes. These low-life are getting bolder by the day knowing for a fact that they will get away with no consequences. Here I wish will all my heart that one day while doing what they do best, they will ram fast and hard into a solid wall, ending any of the miserable “reasons” they may have for robbing innocent people.

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