Delectable~ yumss~

Can’t upload photo directly means no mood to blog.. H1N1 virus is infecting everyone, even my blog got some =.= Professor Ming only manage to cure it for me today. Yay to him!!

Was having dinner with Nikki and DivaLisa at Gardens last sunday. The wait to our table was 15mins long which prompted us to pop into the cake/muffin bakery – Delectable, that we had heard so much about.


The owner herself personally came up to us and appears to be super chirpy. What’s left for the day, vanilla and chocolates flavour with chocolate > vanilla. However, Sue (owner) strongly recommend us to take 2 chocolates as she puts it ” I assure you they are as tasty as they look good”

3 muffin for RM28 is quite steep…


We (3 of us) prefer the vanilla much more than chocolate flavour.. The sugar paste/icing on the muffins are really thin compared to the rest we had tasted and that is why its not as sweet too. I like.


The vanilla had some lemon zest taste in it and make the taste “fuller”. While the cream under the icing for chocolates are coffee.


Icing + Cream + cake base = delectable taste! I’m not a huge fan over cakes and sweet stuff, but overall it’s good!


Delectable things in my life of recents.

Instax mini I took in Bangkok.

In front of Platinum Mall


and me at Jatujak Market 🙂


Back to Pulau Pinang for Merdeka Long weekend! Hooray for long weekend!! 😀

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