Desperate Housewives Season Finale Spoiler

A gift from the landlord to us tenants. So nice right?? Where to find such landlord? Plus, he invited us to his wedding dinner this saturday night. Woww.. Amat bangga to get invited. It’s like going to my first “friend” wedding. hehe..canot memalukan anyone including myself on that night.

He gave us 2 boxes of durians to eat last night, yes, i ate the durians, so finger licking good! Back at home, we need to eat in secrecy because my sister hated the smell, and after eating it, i have to brush my teeth at least 3 times before i can talk to her -_-“

When to lecture today, and true to the rumours, the lecturer is everything but normal. Really. Can. Die.

Finally i get to watch the season finale of Desperate Housewives. As usual, ditzy Susan got caught in between Mike and Carl. How can 2 so eligible guy got attract to someone like her? Especially Carl! i like Carl. hehe. Then there’s Bree and her weird family, how can there be so much drama in 1 family? So screwed up. Wisteria Lane seems to be so peaceful, but there’s always murder and psychotic people living there, terrible man. What will be in store for us in Season 3? My opinion, Lynette will still tolerate with that crazy Nora for the sake of Tom. Gabby will make Carlos pay BIG TIME for his affair with Xiao Mei (tat ungrateful bitch) and of course, she’ll not make Xiao Mei’s life easy. Mike will either have memory loss bout Susan or be in a coma. The lady in the mental hospital is there because of something mike did in the past that’s why Orson the dentist is back for revenge. Btw, how come the finale has no Edie AT ALL ?? What’s this?

So TVB right? Aih..Dramas…So damn predictable yet so addictive to it…

That will only be aired after 6 months! So now, i’m going to watch Prison Break and Project Runway. hehe

Helped PaleDonovan moved his furniture to his new place, din actually get to go his new place because the car is soooooooooo full with racks and table and pail 0_o So tired now. Going to sleep. nite/morning peeps.

ps: will post something useful tomoro instead of another ME post. hehe. i try lar..

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