DivaLisa’s Wedding: Part II

After rushing like mad, preparing for the dinner, doing some last minute video editing, and getting my hair done. All that in a mere 3 hours, the final part of the big day is here. Where most people attend to celebrate the joyous day together with our family.

I was stationed at the reception table, taking cover charge and leading people to their table. I did not take alot of photos because i was kinda busy. HOW could i have forgotten to take a solo photo?? Fail camwhore. FAIL FAIL. Guest writing down their best wishes to the newly weds. Most of them wished the groom good luck instead as we all know what a diva Lisa is..hhehe

That pretty lady beside me is ailin. Known her for bout 4 years already. She’s my first friend at my first work place ever since she’s also my sister, my friend and my guidance. She taught me so many things bout having fun in life, relationship, shopping and makeup. I can say that, partly i am a shopaholic and addicted to ici is because of her influence. BFF !!!! =)

Coincidently, her brother is also my sister good good friend. Hehehe Throngs of people where there. Mostly their workplace people. which some of them i know of too, and haven’t seen for a long time since i resigned. And also people from her past. The ex-es…hehehe..still good relationship. Which is very good in my point of view. They were actually shouting to ask my brother in law to take photo together. heheh..very bad…

This is the very edible and nice cake. From jenny.

Preparing for the march into the ballroom.

And the youngest one is normally the bravest one. hehehe

Marching in to the song, It Had to Be You, sung by the live band, which is very nice. Suits DivaLisa perfectly, classy and jazzy.

Dinner proceed as usual, with a video performance in between and also, some speech. Mom and Dad looks on. They really enjoyed the show,While i take the chance to take photos. My friend, the only one that went, except for ailin, because she’s the longest friend i had and still stay close with up till now. 14 years and still going. hehe…She’s also the one that my family know the most about lar…

And then me and ailin wander off to meet our ex-colleauges. It’s good to meet up ler. THIS is the fella that taught me to enjoy life, eating dome almost every week, educate me on all the high end brand. Through him la, i know what is A/X and wtf, freaking expensive ok. AND also, the guy that 16 year old girls flirt with. He’s really, way older than me already.HEHHE. OMG! and he can cook ok, i still misses his salads and carbonara. yumyum. Me and ailin had such a great life then…..

And then the pretty future sister in law.

What chinese wedding would be complete without the YAM SENG!!!

Look at my mom’s expression. PRICELESS! It’s like she’s askiing my dad to tone it down. haha It’s probably the longest
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMM SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG i’ve ever encountered. Thanks to those crazy ppl from workplace la..heheheeh

Of course, me and my alcoholic family are the happiest as beer and liquor are free flow. Wooohoo!! Drink people drink.

Then the bouquet throwing ceremony. Not much people are willing to go up and snatch the bouquet thou. Shy ?? I dono, but i was force to go stand at the front, and pull some along the way. Because I’m the SISTER! =.=

When she threw the bouquet, no one rushes in front, not really fun..Haiz, and Guess who got the bouquet?? Yea, i did cos she freaking threw it to me la! I would say it was a very fun moment.Hehe…when’s my turn huh ? BF pun takda thinking of marriage d…uhhh However, i damn like the photo of me and ailin..hehe

The FUN-NEST part of the night. Doing the round, Shouting yamseng nonstop. Challenging your soundbox. DAMN! I love that part. Like can release stress abit also.hehhehe..

Friends cheering on, that is exactly what makes a dinner or party fun. Not sitting down and chat. I’m always the rowdy type of people. Shout, run about. Then i called that fun. hehe This is the chinese in me speaking. It’s all about being lau juak/meriah.
Friends that paints the colours in our life. No matter what phase of it we are in, we still need them. Side by side, painting the colours together.

With all that, when all the excitement and noise died down, it just the 2 of them. Having everyone blessing forever, I hope it’s their happiest day of their life. And i hope they are really happy with how everything turns out after a year of planning. seriously, getting married this way, the traditional way, is so tedious and no fun at all. I think i’ll take that as a lesson and skip the whole process instead. Just go honeymoon. HAHA

This will end the chapter of my sister’s wedding. And marks the beginning of a new chapter in their life. All the best to both of you!!

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  1. Jason says:

    very nice pictures!! SLR pics memang different, hehehe.

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