Dubai Day One

A long overdue post from January -__-|||

Nevermind, better late than never. I must blog about my travel! I must! I must! I must! I must!

So many moons ago, to be exact, 29th of January, I left beloved UK to Dubai. We (me and Jin) got there at around 6AM and reached the hotel before 7am. We specifically requested to check-in early and yet, we were informed that no rooms are ready at the moment.

So the very jetlag and tired us, just waited at the lobby until 12PM!! After complaining countless of time (me) and passing out on the couch (Jin), we finally got into our free upgraded room. Actually upgrade or not, the room rates at Dubai is still insanely expensive. Normal room already cost RM400. The upgraded room rate is RM1000 per night. FOR THIS KINDA ROOM! damn lousy… The only exclusive thing is that it comes with a living area and an extra bed.

Dusty Dubai

We booked ourselves a “Desert Safari” tour which can be considered as cheap as it cost less than RM150 each for 6hrs inclusive of dinner, and throw in some lousy freebies that i will rant on below. The driver said they gonna pick us up at 2pm so we choose to sleep over food…hahaha

We headed out towards the desert with 2 austrians, Christina and Sabrina who is on the way back home from Australia and 2 germans aunties. On the way, we saw the infamous airconditioned bus stop of Dubaiii….

Reach a meeting stop, which also translates into tourist trap. They encourage u to have stupid camel ride, or go ride the sand motor (whatever it’s called) that is way overcharge.

I just take a photo with it and that’s free ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheapskates hahahhahaha

Then comes the BEST PART of the whole trip. Dune bashing ;D

I underestimate the excitement the drive would give us. It’s a rollercoaster ride with the skillful drivers taking huge dives down and tyres skidding dangerously just at the slope of the desert dunes. Unfortunately for us, the auntie in the car kept screaming “NEIN! NEIN!” which is NO!NO! =__= So our car was quite safe la…haiz…

Amazing views! The convoy stops at a few spots for us to take photos.

We taking photos with sands in our hands, u think we are jakun? We witness some chinese counterparts rolling down the sands =__=

With Sabrina and Christina, me, Jin…

One of the attractions was watching the sunset…It’s like we were chasing the sun across the desert. Great memories, once is enough for me. My current facebook profile photo..SunGoddess ๐Ÿ™‚

The sun sets real fast and before we knew it, we were heading towards the “traditional desert bbq dinner“. In short, it’s like eating satay only. Nothing to shout about, that’s why i hate tours. Oh, before we enter the camp like place for dinner, we can have our free camel ride…

Which is absofuckinlutely the lamest thing I’ve ever seen. You queue for ages and and when it’s your turn, your go in 1 lame round which is like less than 5 minutes, about 4 parking bays put together space. You are back on ur feet even before you finish saying WTF, wtf =__= That’s is why i hate tours.

And a pair of arabian brothers had no manners instilled in their brains at all!! No doubt they are very good looking but they don’t have the right to push people around even in their huge Polo shirt, with the horse so damn big on their blardy chest it’s blinding the people around them. Damn kiasu okie! I can recognize those 2 anywhere and i hate them. Pushing everyone around as if it’s their birth right to be prioritize. NO! damn it, You have to queue up like every other hungry and bothered tourist~

Anyway, during the dinner, some performances was on as well. Namely the belly dancing and some turkish guy in huge colourful skirt that spins non-stop.. The belly dancing, well, you can watch MTV or youtube any r&b or ghetto videos, you definately can find some better. Especially shakira. hahaha Here’s a video for the sake of it.

The shisha booth which is free ๐Ÿ™‚ and where i spent most of my evening waiting for time to past, and away from throngs of tourist.

Stay tune for PART 2.. I shall update it asap.

I’m going bangkok soon! and it’ll be my first time in Bangkok! I’ll appreciate any advice or tips from anyone out there. hehehe. Thanks in advance yo!

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  1. jlshyang says:

    i’m giving Dubai a miss already la. After my Europe trip i will be so extremely broke that i have to eat char bee hoon everyday in Malaysia. sad betul! I just booked all my flight tickets for summer. My bank account minus until gila gila liao.

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