Ecco Café @ Chulia Steet

Last friday, its was a girls night out. Supposed to be a girls night out but we have an unexpected guest. Pleasant one, so it’s alright.

We decided on this place after browsing through some other food blogs. Ecco cafe is a quaint little cafe snugly tucked in Chulia Street which is full of similar cafes and backpackers inn. Open its door for 3 years already and here am I with the rest to try it out, 3 years later :down:

The barrel thingie is pepper grinder! SO CUTE

No regrets, braving through the crazy wind and rain, for the meal which are fabulous from start to end. The thick pumpkin soup with lil pumpkin bear peaking.

Amazingly creamy pasta No.7, named so because I forgot the name, only the number on the menu -.- So creamy, yet not so creamy. Just right amount. Of course it will be much better for me without the peas ><

Lorenzo, turkey ham and olives.

All their pasta thickness are just right maybe because it’s all handmade and cooked al dente. Expect all dishes to be laden with plenty of ingredients and oh, OLIVES (y)  (y)  Damn yummy! Be it white or red sauce, it was cook from scratch for every dish so expect to wait for a lil while but this glutton here don’t mind a bit!

They also have the pizza-fold-over-thingie that i just saw in Venice~ It was certainly delish as well! But so sorry, was busy eating to properly take anymore decent photos. Remember, we have to wait for food and any waiting for food on friday night will create a monster!

The above female has very high sensitivity towards camera lens.

The group that went, with best photographer ever, Mr.Timer 🙂

And then~~ we proceed for some SNOW BEER!! but that will be a story for another day :p The price are okay, the range between RM12-17 but for me it was well worth it for what you get compared to many places nowadays.

Next up, Bulgarian food..yyumm

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5 Responses to Ecco Café @ Chulia Steet

  1. teongli says:

    lapar la…

  2. wanster says:

    wah macam sedap… but why is there a bunch of tissue paper on the table in the photo taken by mr timer

    Eve: Because Mr.Timer overlook it when taking the photo. please ignore.hahah

  3. d e s says:

    yum yum…when wana bring me go there eat…?

    Eve: When u balik penang, we go.

  4. wanster says:

    don’t leave me out!!

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