Emo/American Idol/Plastic Surgery gone wrong/Death Note

Been blogging really frequently. Damn!! This is the nature of a normal human being. To avoid doing what they hate. STUDYING! wtf…sien lor wei….

Today been damn emo, the weather has been damp whole day. Been raining the whole damn day. Dinner time, i can find no one to go dinner with wtf. Either not home or want to stay in for dinner. I dont want to eat anymore instant noodles so i ask my landlord for some rice so i can eat with fried egg. Hehee…

Other that that, quite sad ler. Pwah know why im sad. Another harapan crushed liau lor..gone caseeee….Still canot find the urgency to study although i know im way behind*smack self for blogging somemore* Being getting alot of advice from spyder on tips of studying since he’s such a smart fella. hehe…but not executing any of it. Damn useless la me… Its not that i dont want to study. I really beria-ia want to study. But i really got no interest in it at all..Last semester still abit intersting…

aIyo…all calculation. Ask me do calculation is like asking me to cook 9 delicious dishes + 1 soup ok. Dono how to die ady…

I tell you…MSN is evil…Blogger is evil…Internet is evil…for now…

Many things i dare not confront. Dare not say.My future seems bleak as of now. Just like this photo i took this afternoon. Gloomy, blur and gray. Left with a narrow choice. Shutting down myself. Canot get what i want because i do not have the courage to ask for it, fight for it. Succumb to other people order, is what i have to do at the end of the day.

These are things that are occuping my brains..instead of money market and foreign exchange market and tis swap that swap…DAMN!! I hate what my future will look like if i continue on in this field. Utterly hopelesssss


My landlord damn nice lar, he know me and Sarah had been staying up late so he gave us some nasilemak for supper. I highly suspect its from Mdm Kwan somemore cos it taste and looks like it!! Yummy!!!

So we eat it while watching the new season of American Idol on 8tv. I didn’t even know it’s already shown locally. Wooohooo!! I really like the siblings, especially the younger brother. His smile is really gorgeous and man, he can sing for a 17 year old kid.

WILLIAM!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so worried bout you. Are you sure you are ok in US??!! It seems to me that there’s so many freaks over there. OMG! How freaky can you get!! I’m actually scared of those people that went for the audition. Really weird, dress weird, act weird and talks funny. Makes me wonder if US is really full of these people. goddamnit.


So you people ever consider having things “fix” on your face? Go do la…and then u end up looking like amanda lepore or jocelyn wildenstein, dont come crying to me. They are the 2 person that had the most plastic surgery done to their face. The brunette one…her face..that’s 2Million Pounds worth of plastic work ok…..And then the blonde one…is actually a guy..HAHAHAHA End up like what??
Like shit lo…So scary, kids see them also can get nightmare at night. My Goodness!!


Ever feel like killing people but too chicken to do it ? Write a note then they will die la…so simply…. I got this link while blog hopping…

It’s exactly like DeathNote...just for the fun of it..to release stress or whatever…go play la…

For now, i wish that, i will suddenly have heart attack so i dont need to think of what decision to make anymore and make my head so pening later need to see doctor eat pills for canot sleep and migraine again…

or tar will suddenly burn down..so i dont need to sit for the stupid exam and i can go play…

or some rich, good hearted young fella, suddenly fall in love with me, and swept me away to marry him and stay at his beautiful mansion and be this rich tai tai that does nothing but buy LV and make babies….Wahahhah…


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7 Responses to Emo/American Idol/Plastic Surgery gone wrong/Death Note

  1. piggy yee says:

    wei!!!so free ah?
    blog so much in 1 day.go study or dream bout ur future better 😛

  2. williamt says:

    dun worry , i am fine 🙂
    The freaks are born from parents of French and Greek. I am pure Malaysian. tak payah risau! LOL

  3. Eve says:

    Piggy: Weei!!! So free ah!! Come read my blog several times a day!! go sleep better, ur future depends on it 🙂

    William:im not sayin u become freaks la, u might be attack by those ppl mar =.=

  4. pp says:

    whoa..why sounds so sad?? yao sam si??

  5. x says:

    Hi, I stumbled on to your blog from Reona’s. I just wanted to mention that I prefer the weather in m’sia compared to here. It’s always raining here and there’s never any sun.

    And the picture of the two plastics? I’ll be having nightmares from now on.

  6. ostrova says:

    eve’s asking me to comment.. so okie la.. It’s 1st time commenting on a blog entry. I’ve never done this ok? so, consider urself LUCKY! haha!

    I wish I don’t have to study too.. but what to do?? student’s life is like that.. think of all the FUN that’s gonna come after the exams. We’re gonna be partying.. gonna receive lotsa ang pows for CNY.. and soon, we’ll be flying off to UK!!

    I catched American Idol on Star World when I was in Penang. Oh.. I L.O.V.E that Columbian Girl, Perla Meneses.. who sang Hips Don’t Lie!! Remember??

  7. Eve says:

    PP: no longer sad liau..

    x: thanks for dropping by. It’s been sunny these few days here

    Ostro: thank you fo commenting lo, later treat u suet char.

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