England is *finally* out~!

England can go back to england with their trophy wives and gf’s already.

This must have hurt like hell for ricardo…ouch…. and here’s come a red card and the end for england Disappointed me soooo much, after 90 mins, i totally and fully supported Portugal! i Want England to get trashed so bad! They are so god damn overrated-can-die! Go eat shit and die la…especially that stupid lampa…match after match also play like shit, cock-eye fella. YALA, i know he is super the good midfielder for Chealsea, but maybe england not paying him as much as what he is earning from the club, that explain the under performance. I HATE HIM SO MUCH!!!! I WILL NEVER EVER SUPPORT THAT BLARDY BASTARD EVER EVEN IF HE EVER STRIKE A GOAL WHICH I DONT SEE HE WILL IN ANY WORLD CUP *ever* AGAIN!!
Although I risk of dying at the mamak moments ago by supporting Portugal, i still clap when england missed penalty, neh neh neh!! Now i can safely say:

England Sucks!!!!

*runs away*

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5 Responses to England is *finally* out~!

  1. j a s o n y o n g says:

    ENGLAND is bestowed the honorary title of being the most OVERRATED team in world football history..they are overrated by no one else but their very own blind supporters,technical staffs,players and their f*ckin bimbo WAGS(favourite hobby of biatches,tail-wagging)…one more thing,sven is a blind retarded iceman-wannabe…any manager who gets the same amount of $ as he does would’ve done so much better than him,its already too late in dispatching him..for any england supporters who disagree with me kindly f*ck the hell off cos u must be amazingly-retardedly blind..n dont even try to bring up the topic that england ‘did well’ by reaching the quarters cos i wont buy that due to the fact that they faced easy opponents-T&T(germany will detonate them 4-0),paraguay(downhill team and familiar foe),sweden(germany can slam them 2-0 even though it is a crystal-clear fact that england has so much more talent than germ does) and ecuador(easiest 2nd round opponent)..so HELLO???!! dont even attempt to bring up that topic which might result in u being branded stupid,f*cked up beyond recognition,horrendously blind,mutated human dump,and so much more which i digress..n i know some section out there might wanna argue that spain is about the same.all i can say is SCREW U U BLINDF*CK..their average age is 25 or 26..theyre supposed to peak in the next euro championship and not this WC.ENG was supposed to peak in this tourney(its not from my mouth but from the knnccb Eng squad themselves..go get ur facts right u noob!!!so ive made my point clear and with this i bestow upon u the unknown fact that ENG shall be cursed for the rest of the century where they wont fulfill their much vaunted potential…BLASPHEMY!!!!
    if u find this comment insulting then i suggest u go find ur momma n cry in her arms n never to speak of england as title contenders(not even semi-finalists or finalists)ever again..n if dats not enuf then go find the nearest high-rise building n jump head down..
    go ahead..cry…

  2. j a s o n y o n g says:


    a good article which supports what im trying to convey to the english supporters who r in one way or another hurt by the aforementioned comment by me..until u agree to my logical thinking i shall say SCREW U AND UR RETARDED CEREBELLUM,U LOW-LIFE AMOEBA…= = .|.

    cheers and have a good day!!!

  3. Jason says:

    I’m totally with you

    England is way overrated!!
    Glad they are sent packing by Portugal. I didn’t like the hyper dramatic Portuguese side as well but i hated the overrated England team more so GOOD BYE England!

  4. Eve says:

    jasonyong: i feel your pain

    jason: WELCOME BACK!!

  5. Ufomies says:

    Come on, England doesn’t suck that much. I’ve always been a huge fan of the British football and see no point in being hostile. Maybe you guys find it an extremely mature way of handling things, but I don’t really agree. I think I’ll just say that Portugal is very overrated as well – Germany just crushed their silly asses on the bronze game and that’s pretty much all there is to the story. Fourth in the WC, just where they were supposed to be. Too bad England always sucks ass in the penalties.

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