Escape Theme Park, Penang

During my Chinese new year break,  I went to experience Escape Park with my nieces and nephew who was visiting from Jakarta. Experience is a mild word to use as I was merely chaperoning them haha.

I still remember when I was younger, every time I visit my family in Jakarta, my cousins was such great host, bringing me to safari and Taman Mini. Now its time for me to pay my dues by bringing their kids to theme park.. 🙂


Yup,  the sign says it all.. A cure for the entire duration I was there definitely. You will be so engrossed in trying to stay alive, completing the task, instagram, facebook and twitter is no longer in my vocabulary. Computer include smartphones.


Muscle-man Ken kick started the day by climbing up the coconut tree. How many of you city folks (me included) had climbed a tree before in your life? and do it under 10seconds!!  Freaking difficult…!


My first challenge of the day – Tarzan Rope. This is the first test of courage as you really need it when you swing off the deck and holding on to nothing but a rope tied to a tree branch.. -__-  I think it’s AT LEAST 5 meter from the ground. At Least… and so Maybe the adult in me senses all the danger it in hence the fear, as only my cousinTing and I screamed while the kids when Wheee~~ or “yawn yawan”   -__-||

*must have a photo of myself buat macho*


The main obstacle or challenge is Monkey Business which also will take up most of your time in the park as it’s divided into 3 levels obviously stating the difficulty. As we visited the park at 11am (-__-) and at the peak (CNY), we queued for at least 1.5hours before our turn to challenge the obstacles.


As the elder 3 main job was to chaperon the kids, i went on Level 1 with 1 nieces and we called it quit after completing both the routes. Muscle man Ken and Ting had to start from level 2 following the braver kids hehehe…We’re not allowed to use our camera/phones in the midst of the obstacle for safety reasons and also not to jam up the whole course, so no photos. We left all our stuff in the locker anyway.

After they completed level 2 and 3, the kids decided to go for the tubby race. I opt out of it because, you have to drag the “float” uphill by yourself before sliding down. I just wait for them at the end of the slide and take some pictures instead 🙂


In summary, it was really a great day out with everyone. I would recommended this park to anyone who is up for a challenge and not afraid of getting hot and sweaty. After all  it’s the great outdoor you are at. I will definitely return to complete level 2 and 3 of the monkey business although completing the entire level 1 and some other stuff was exhausting enough for me. The flying fox was really scary at first, but after doing it once or twice, you will get used to it. You can’t escape it as you have to end the course with flying fox back to square 1.


My advise to those who will be going to the park is to wear a top with sleeves. You will be HUGGING alot of wires and logs, and that will chaff your inner forearm like me 🙁 Also, a pair of glove would be helpful too.

You can find more details on their website –>
Malaysian gets 20% off the ticket price, yay!

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