Food @ Ao Nang, Krabi

Of all the many post to come on Krabi, i decided to start bombarding you guys with food first ๐Ÿ™‚ My expertise *erhemm*

First day dinner we went to this place called Wang Sai after asking the locals on where’s the best place for food. From what we observe during the day, there’s not much local food around. It’s really a nice place, spacious and right next to the beach.While waiting for the food, we had our drinks. Beers at 50bht. woohoo!

Since it’s only the 2 of us, we had just a few dishes. The pineapple fried rice and green curry came first. They serve pretty fast given the number of customers they had that night.

Then the very well made squid. It has the right amount of sourness for you to wrinkle your face however balance it with the right amount of sweetness and spicyness! Yummeh!

The crab with egg. Hard to describe. Very nice texture to chew..

The restaurant. We were stuff to the maximun by the time we are finished with it. Even so, we couldn’t finish everything :s The bill came up to about <700bht. Considerably cheap for all the seafood and servings. ahahah

For both day lunches, it was provided by the tour that we signed up for. No idea on that, maybe McDonald Pork burger at 150bht per set? Or for those who need their caffeine fix, there’s starbucks..hahaha. Second night, we wander around in search for some cheaper food.

It was actually quite hard to find authentic Thai food except for some stalls infront of Krabi Resort which closes by dawn. Most of the restaurants there cater for eurasions so utimately most of the food are Swedish, Danish, Italian, English and surprisingly the best food in AoNang is Indian Food!! =.=

Finally we found a small hawker centre like place opposite Krabi Resort again, just a little way up Ban Ao Nang Hotel. It is something similar to Gurney Drive, a tourist trap haha. All the waiters there are friendly as hell, genuine or not, i enjoyed it all together ๐Ÿ˜€

Since we don’t feel like stuffing ourselves silly again, we had a small meal. Before that, our drinks again. Quite a wait as the place is filled to the brim..

Pineapple fried rice again. The staple seafood tomyam that you must have when you are in Land of Smiles. the delicious drumstick, simply delicious and of course some fried noodles for the sir. They are pretty generous with their ingredients.

It was a cheap yet awesome dinner that is cheap. Just 300bht for everything.

So on the last night in Krabi, we decided to try out the western food they offered there. I mean, if they cater to so many foregineirs every single day, it wouldn’t be bad food right. Plus, most of the restaurants are open and managed by “farangs” or foreigneirs themselves offering their country food.

After wandering up and down the strip of Ao Nang beach for about an hour, deciding and scrutinizing every restaurants, we finally settled for Jeanette’s Place facing the beach. It was fully packed (so is every other rest =.=) but we got our table quickly and served promptly. Although the thai waitress kept stressing that we order our drinks first.

The paintings hanging on the wall are up for sale. Creative huh? Anyway, the above 2 photos is to show you that there’s no asians at all~~!!

My swedish meatballs with cranberry sauce, mountains of mash potatoes and some brown sauce. The mash are absolutely amazing! I love it! We love it! I already am a big fan of Ingolf mash but this is just so much better! The portion of meatballs might look little but it’s damn filling cos its…meatball..hahaha

MrSmallFace’s chicken shnitzel(not sure of spelling) taste like any other shnitzel. Crispy, crunchy and fattening. HAHahaaha

For the meal, we paid less than RM55 for it. Not bad huh? and it tasted real good. Oh yea, inclusive of drinks ๐Ÿ™‚

Last food tips and most important from Krabi that i can give it TRY the PANCAKE by the roadside! It’s so nice and cheap. And the way they make it is exactly like roti canai. except that they have a long range of top ups you can order. Most of it are just 20bht.

Emmmhhh, the chocolate and honey topping. We had it everyday we were in Krabi..hehehe

More on Krabi soon..

First i’ve got less than 24 hours to watch MRAZ! I’m so excited!

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  1. xin says:

    yum! im missing the food in krabi already ๐Ÿ™

  2. desmond-t says:

    wah…300 baht for everything? seriously!!! looks like a very nice place to be!

    Surely tick Krabi in my travel destination list liao…

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