Found Guilty!

I’m so sorry that i did not update this blog for quite some time!! I promise loads of photos will be up by next week alright? Don’t abandon my blog just yet!!! I’m just really tied up at work and by the time i reach home, i’ll just crash on my bed and mati there till alarm rings and my working life starts all over again (-__-)
Quick update on me life okie dokie –
80% of the time is spend at me office and finally i dont need to work on last sunday so i spent the whole morning bowling and the rest of the day window shopping with kawan-kawan. Simple yet so nice and relaxing.
Now i’m watching this tvb series “Heart of Greed” talking bout the typical big rich family with lots of family members and a few bad ones eyeing for a huge chunk of wealth for their own. As usual the bad one would be the ‘Ye Sok’ (2nd uncle). Always the uncle will be the bad one…hehehe

And i’ve also managed to watch Spidey last thursday night with fellow slaves at workplace. I know me very outdated already. I hadn’t even watch Wild Hogs!!! and so many people have been telling me how good it is and it’s better than spidey. Speaking of that, i think it’s a bit too long for my liking. The worse part is that the Handsome One had to die~~~ Why!?!

Other than that, i think i was asked the question ” How’s your result?” for the millionth times already since last week. I will tell you people when i know alright? I am more eager to know as the next step i take in my life depends on it as well.

Alrighty.. I promise will update more. I’m just stealing a few minutes from office to update this.
Be good people~!
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2 Responses to Found Guilty!

  1. Coketai says:

    Will keep on visit your blog although no update, it is interesting of how working life in Penang now days…I get to know somebody complaining about their working environment in Intel, Penang and now I hear you complaining your work….anyway take a break…work is always there!!


  2. Eve says:

    LY Tai, thanks for your support 🙂 i’m not that stressed out here compared to my previous job..hehe

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