Fresh BB convert

Everyday I see 2 crackberries at home.

Everday I work closely with 2 BB user at the office.

Ever since my friend, Buaya got his bb, he start raving about it non-stop to me.

Then I start to feel I’m actually isolated from my family members because I did not know that

–  my own brother actually bought a newww car.
– my cousin was admitted to the hospital
– she was then discharged shortly.

All because I do not have BBM. They seems to share everything~!! but only to their BBM group T__T

When I asked my uncle, how’s my cousin, he just replied ” You wouldn’t have the need to ask this Question should you have a bb”   -____________________-

and that came from a 66 year old man. :shy:

ONE FINE DAY, DivaLisa dropped my phone (as a 2nd phone to her) (obviously BB is her #1 phone) )  To the extend that it’s beyond recognition and makes funny noises when we assemble it back. o_o

That means I have to get a new phone and give her back the e71. Coincidentally or not, my house mate told me that they are having some cheap digi plan over at lowyat plaza

It was no April Fool~

I was kinda fed-up with all the shitty services and charging for every single thing Maxis, that i’m more than ready and happy to ditch it and run back to Digi. All the talk about how great Maxis service, was obviously in the past. The service I got from their in Gardens are beyond shitty and looks down on me, like I cant afford any phones or pay my bills.

Who in the world would want to stick with you now that we can switch operators but holding on to our numbers? Think about it shitty maxis.

Drove all the way from PJ to Lowyat on a rainy day with Speng to see the plan for myself.

So here I am today, BB 80% glued to my palm with all the tring tring tring going on 😀

Been using it since Thursday, and so far I love almost everything about it compare to my old phone. xcept it’s disability of navigating me around, but i think it’s all good. The camera’s good and the Qwerty keypad feels better and easier to type with.

A friend calls it potato cos it’s short and round, but then again, it makes long period of time spending typing on it better. In terms of weight and camera, BB won too~

I tell you, these ppl who have BB (including me) are such fanatics. It’s a bloody cult and I can’t help but rave about it too. Simple because it will save me sms cost in a long long run if I have my circle of friends using it too 😀 :))

Family side: Long done ! :))

Those people that i know and owns a bb (awesome ppl! 🙂 ) , come PIN Mari….

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6 Responses to Fresh BB convert

  1. helen says:

    my hp spoilt today too and buaya told me to get bb too! shud i?!?!

  2. .christal says:

    tempting…. very…. =(

  3. ting says:

    me very tempted too

  4. Mr Huhu says:

    bb… later ah

  5. angchoonseong says:

    bb is the way forward.

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