Future Planning for Penang

Imposing tolls in small Penang Island is totally insane. I thought having 1 toll for the bridge is abit too much. The toll are for maintainences of the bridge and to pay off it’s loans. It’s has been there for around 20 years i suppose, and throngs of car, buses and motorcycle crosses the bridge daily and they still couldnt cough up enough money to settle the debt. I wouldn’t know how many years Penangites will have to suffer.
Having tolls will definately increase the jams as you know and I know how efficient the “peopleinthebox” works. Aren’t the purpose of PORR is to reduce JAMS?? I still feel that it will bring more harm instead of good to the island.

  1. Cuts through Youth Park after a good but expensive makeover
  2. Destroying famous Gurney Drive- the mother of all tourist spot in Penang
  3. Decreasing the value in Jesselton area (might make some rich ppl TL also)
  4. Burden citizen with cost of toll (notice if cuts through air itam? the farlim area)
  5. The developer right was given to a company that belongs to someone relative “sitting up there wan la” – you can try to find out more. I scared i will get arrested. haha
  6. Infinity.

Despite so many years of protesting, why is the project still being carried on?

Now is nearing the middle of year 2006. I doubt the monorail will complete in year 2007. Maybe a station will be ready.haha(Remember the sg.2 flyover took 6yrs to complete)Say give them another 10-20 years time?? And come on la…Need to be so expensive or not? Rm1.11billion? The line for phase 2 abit senseless, how often do you travel from air itam to tg tokong? I think there should be a station in pulau tikus or gurney area. Agree?
I dont understand a thing from this. Girls cant read maps**bats eyelashes** Just for you mens out there and also smart lass =)

How can an unsignificant girl’s opinion affect the major plan of the gavman. After all, we are in bolehland that can build a half bridge across the straits. hahahhaha

*I got those maps from my email.

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6 Responses to Future Planning for Penang

  1. Laksa says:

    wow! looks like there’s much in store for penang 🙂

    and yeah, absolutely abhor paying the toll!

  2. Eve says:

    laksa: Thanks for dropping by! nominates for top 10 blogger wor.Wah!btw, wats abhor?*scratch head*

  3. will.i.am.t says:

    wat? there’s ranking for top bloggers?! ohh..did i just missed it? lol

  4. Lucia Lai says:

    hey evel, nice maps. if you know the origin of the maps, i would like to ‘steal’ the maps. can or not?

    i’m a penangite too and i’m one of those who oppose PORR. yes sure there are lots of people who oppse it but we can’t do anything if the government insist on want to carry on with the project.

  5. Eve says:

    Hie lucia, i’m sorry but i deleted that mail d. You can copy that photo here. My friend told me that we actually can buy the maps from MPPP office. maybe you can try there?
    Sad to know the gavman decide to turn a deaf ear on us eh?

  6. angchoonseong says:

    wah,..how come suddenly so politics…

    any problem pls ask hau siau..he will explain to u the decision,.hahahaha

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