Yesterday, the ultra wide & slim (uws) finally join my gadget family!!!! Photo taken with my camera phone, hence the quality. hehehe. :))


UWS will be the first plastic camera for me but won’t be the last…wahhahaha! Will get the film asap and try it out. :p

left to right: superheadz UWS, Canon Slr, Fujifilm Instax mini 7’s, my trusty old Lumix Fx9. 😀

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5 Responses to Gadgets~

  1. jen says:

    wow.. the uws looks cute!! can post some sample pics up? 😛 looks interesting! 😛

    Eve: hiya, yep sure. As u can see, its still in the box haha. I only got it last night 🙂

  2. ven says:

    wah! how many cameras do you need leh???

    Eve: just a few :p SLR brother’s one but i can use la

  3. apek1504 says:

    hye a lomography lover..just checking ur blog..
    i wanna find info bout toy cam or lomo cam..visit..those website..

    btw..where do you buy uws much is it..i wanna buy one..coz my friends say that the picture that u develop just same if you using LCA+

    Eve: Hello, I bought them from under their promotion rate. I choose this as a start because it’s MUCH cheaper compare to other type of camera, especially the LCA+ T_T

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