Georgetown Festivals Street Project

Update: Just an hour after I finally published this post, a friend send me an image showing the Bicycle painting was vandalized by an idiot ! But 2 kind Penangites took the initiatives to salvage the painting and i think they did a mighty good job.. ! See ! Good vs Evil, good always prevails..

Drama did not stop there as today, a guy by the name of Clovis posted a rant on the painting that went viral. Seriously, I don’t see highly of him as an artist at all if he can go badgering and calling other fellow artist work as “shit” .. Look who is in deep shit now instead. HA!

Anyway, a very nicely done video of the painting progress 🙂 Well done to the people who beautified Penang in every way !


This year Georgetown Festival had created such a huge buzz in town with Mirrors George Town project. If you have yet to hear about it, I dont know where you have been, maybe not from town 🙂 haha!

I had my fair share of joining in the celebration – cycling around town. Most recently, I’ve been visiting these wall murals alot, having different friends coming to Penang during the weekend consecutively. So I’m like the unofficial tour guide with a prepared itenary to be used every weekend 🙂

Just a little background on the project – the artist Ernest Zacharevic painted 6 murals inconjuction of Georgetown Festival. Some of the below, i’m not sure if done by him and some done before the festival. Interestingly the subject of the murals are the locals doing what they do best.. hang out haha. Photos are arranged randomly..

This was in the gallery which was open for only a short period of time.

One of his first painting which already started to fade. Cant stand our inhuman humid weather hehe


One evening, while driving out for dinner, MrSmallFace and I spotted him painting the final and biggest piece along Penang Road…

Completed version, perfectly fitting the entire facade of the building. How appropriate as you will always spot rickshaw along Penang Road.

Dinosaur was added in by a local, and the artist “counter back” by drawing the little boy later on…


The original attraction of Penang heritage trails- beautiful temples, churches and mosque



This is opposite the most famous -” Children on Bicycle” piece

I think the state tourism had also installed more steel sculpture compared to last year ( it was last year project) seeing the amount of people venturing on FOOT around Penang. More things to see, boost tourism.

It’s interesting to read about how the names of the streets we are so familiar with came about.

Good job to Penang State tourism for the effort. Obviously it paid off well 🙂   You know how often the locals will be bothered with any of their local attraction, its different this time. It made foreigners interested in Penang, making Penangite interested in Penang.

Try to explore Penang Island, you will discover new things every now and then ( canot say everyday, haha). It is afterall the Top Ten Islands to Visit Before You Die – Yahoo Travel 🙂 🙂

View Penang Unesco World Heritage site – wall painting in a larger map

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  1. ynnek says:

    Well done! Heritage walk is better than mall walk. NOTE: Any saboteurs will be executed!

  2. Daphne says:

    Thanks to yr blog I get to know what’s going on in Pg. Good job Eve!=)

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