Get Well Soon – Updates

*This is to those that knows who is Ngauz/Tatt Z.

Yesterday after work, i went to the hospital empty handed with 2 of my friends. When we got there, there’s already a bunch of tarcian gathering around his bed. He’s OKAY now.However, he really does lost alot of weight.*sigh* For those that saw him weak and drowsy the past few days, it’s because the tube inside his body has not being taken out and that makes him kinda immobilise and uncomfortable. It’s not advisable to bring fruits because doc advise not to eat anything sweet. He also has all type of magazine and shin chan as well. So it’s kinda smart move for us not to bring anything. Nyek Nyek.

I’m the 80th something person to visit him. He counted. Wow! Huge social network! We even get to meet some old friends tat we kinda lost contact there. sweet.

Just to clear things up, his condition is not caused by eating too much outside food. It’s because his cancer cells in his body was “activate”. FYI, everyone of us has cancer. Same concept like volcanoes. Either it explodes or not. His condition is not cancer but mass tissues developing or smtg. hehee..forget abit d.

We stayed for around 1 hr, joking around and talking nonsense. So if you’re free, just drop by and visit him at room 318. Keep him company while he’s still admitted la.. =)

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