Get Well Soon

Update 5/4: It’s not lung cancer. Out of icu and now in the ward. Will visit him tomoro after work. Doc says he’s fine for now.

I got a text message last night informing that a friend has been admitted into the hospital after doctor found a tumor in his lung. It’s a shocking news to me as he has always been the buff, healthy, tough guy and he’s still so young… I haven’t got the chance to visit him yet as he’s still in the icu after an operation to remove the tumor.

This is like an awakening. I vow i wont take things for granted anymore. We must really appreciate every moment we have in life. We really do not know what will happen the next minute. I just reach my twenties and i have already lost a few friends to heaven. Makes me kinda hate heaven. That’s why I’m always eager to see more of the people i like. Maybe tomorrow will be my turn? Only heavens know.

Last night I had a dream. It was a surprise party for me and all my friends are there, will, jason, c.seong are all there. It’s like a flashback to those times when we dont have that much of worries as we have now. And more time to hang out together. Everyone is so carefree. I miss those times. Alot. I sound like i’m 50 or smtg. Maybe i am. mentally.

On a lighter note, Hello Everyone!! I finish mengIndonesia-kan myself. I’m tan, very broke*sobsob* but pampered from head to toe. Took over 500+ photos for the past 10 days, will need some time to shuffle through all that. So visit my blog more to find out more about indonesia. It’s not that chaotic as what most people think it is. I actually kinda love the life there.

Lunches and snacks are provided in the offices for this whole week, Yum Yum!! I’ve already added some pounds fr my trip and i will try to resist those delicious doughnut for the rest of the week*struggling**struggling**struggling*

Finally, i know my friend will get well very soon. I have good faith in him and i believe in him as well! Pray for him. Thanks.

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4 Responses to Get Well Soon

  1. Jason says:

    i can’t wait for ya Indonesia entry, hahaha.

  2. angchoonseong says:

    agree..another frend of mine admitted to ICU..government scholar studying in nottingham..unknown viral infection…duno how is she now…possible become vegetable u know…

    life is always full of unxpectable incidents..thats life.

  3. christalloh says:

    God please heal those who need to be heal…

    but also another important stuff…. my oleh-oleh…. lol… so aq bs omg indo sm lho ye?….

    im sure lo erti apo yg aq blg td kan?… hek hek hek…

    take care… when free go for another tan??…

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