Gill Vet in Penang – No GOOD! Dont Ever go!

This week my 10 year old Silky was diagnose with advance stage Fibrosarcoma which in simple words means shes in the advance stage of bone cancer in her mouth 🙁  However, this not the main point i wanted to convey in this post.

Last weekend, my mom called me saying Jazz was walking around weakly and there’s blood trail. As i was out, i called my brother and MrSmallface, whoever can get to her first will send her to the Vet. Turns out, my brother was closest and not really knowing much, he send her to Gill Veterinary, as its nearest and most “reputable”.

He reported back to us that Jazz is totally fine. Just a small cyst (pimple like thing) on her paws and Dr.Gill had applied some antiseptic on her skin. Sending Jazz and my bro home with just some antibiotics and antibacterial cream.

So when I got home, Jazz’s front fur was still matted with blood. My dad and I couldn’t find any sign of wound on her paws nor under her body nor find the source of where she’s bleeding from at all.

Until the next day, i send her to Dr Joshua Loh in Hope Vet for another check up. He also couldn’t find the “cyst”  and then we decided to shave off her fur because we are determine to find out whats’ wrong with her. Turns out, THERE IS NO CYST AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!! All the beautiful fur shaved off for nothing but a wrong diagnosis.

  1. If there’s a cyst, shouldn’t Gill helped to shave the area instead of letting her fur get in the way?
  2. If there’s a wound and medication need to be applied, why didn’t such an experienced Vet provide or sell us an Elizabethan cone to prevent the canine from licking the medication and wound?
  3. Gill Veterinary Clinic previously “treated” Jazz for her skin problem for the longest time, they should have a record of her medical background. Why didn’t the doctor know the so-called “cyst” is merely an old scar/skin patch on her?

Is this how a reputable Vet supposed to make a living ? Just simply tembak a diagnosis without doing a thorough check up.

How difficult was it to detect its bleeding from her mouth if you are that experience as you claim yourself to be? The modus operandi for Gill was to have some male assistant hold down canine as hard as possible, clasping them down on the operating table. No wonder you missed the mouth area. Although with the knowledge that Jazz is an angry little girl who snapped,  Dr Joshua did not hesitates to use his bare hands to open her mouth, risking a highly possible bite, just to check on her. He took off some gloves as he say its too big and may hurt little Jazz.

This is not the first time something like this happened to Jazz at Gill, nor the first I’ve heard from close personal friends. I just want to get this out and warn other pet owners. I know how we all love our furkids and want the best for them, especially when they are unwell. We want the vets to treat them with love and care too, not just to look at them like a broken machine then wave us off. No!

We may not be in a candy store of choices when it comes to vets clinics in Penang, but there’s definitely better, more caring and knowledgeable vets out there than this one.

ps: anyway, all the shaved off furs is for the good now. This way at least she will be clean rather than a whole bloody furry mess all the time 🙁 Situation is not on the bright side. Just hope for the best now..

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15 Responses to Gill Vet in Penang – No GOOD! Dont Ever go!

  1. E-Chian says:

    Was searching for vet in Penang through the net and bumped into your post. I’m glad that I’ve read it because I was planing to bring my dog to Gill vet (due to his reputations) for a consultation. Obviously I’ve changed my mind after reading your story. Anyway I hope that you dog will get well soon.

  2. alisha koay says:

    A few days ago my 10 year old Shih Tzu was feeling poorly and refused to eat. After 3 days of coaxing her to eat I sent her to Gill’s. The doctor examined just felt around her and then gave her some vitamin syrup to boost her up, charcoal tablets and antibiotics. When my dog did not recover I sent her to Hope. Straight away Dr Choong did a blood test and ultrasound and found advanced stage of pyometra. My dog has just done her surgery and Dr Choong has given me a 60% chance of survival for my dog because of her weakened condition. I have struck Gill’s off my list from now on because he could not even diagnose pyometra and did not do any blood test etc before coming to a conclusion.

  3. Annie Ooi says:

    Where is the Hope Vet u mean ?

  4. Adrian Yeoh says:

    Totally agree. DO NOT HESITATE, DO NOT GO TO GILL.
    Hope Dr Joshua is good n gentle. That’s where my Bubbles go

  5. Adrian Yeoh says:

    HOPE is located opposite Penang pasta.

  6. Adrian Yeoh says:

    HOPE is located opposite Penang pesta.

  7. Adam says:

    Its true. Gils Vet are pompous and abnoxious and they treat their customers poorly. Im glad someone else voiced out, it’s digusting at how lazy they are when it comes to helping their paying customers.

  8. Daniel says:

    That I totally agreed. Both my close friends sent their beloved pet there. First analysis got 50% chances to be alive by after 2 days pass away under their care. Seconf friend she took her dog there first time tummy ache then still that same after 4 days the dog lumping around with pain. Second times told my friend the dog tummy full of motions then give the dog new medication but the next day can’t even walk. The third time told my friend that is because of virus and again 50 50 chance. But when sent to hope vet just because given wrong type of medication and injury to the backbone. Now the dog is getting better and no pain.

  9. Adrian says:

    Was searching more about Gill’s when my cat got worst and came across this site. I too had a bad experience with Gill. My cat had a fever a week ago but thought was just the hot weather. One day my Sgiamese didn’t sleep the whole night I knew something must be wrong. Took her to Gill and he just gave an injection to bring down the fever. Check the tummy by feeling around and using the stethoscope he says there’s no lung infection So I ask him will she be all right and he replied nothing to worry.
    Came back from work at night she was crying (meowing) sent her back the next morning and Gill only check the temperature and weight and said the meowing is because of the runny nose just take a cotton bud and wipe clean the nostrils. If a cat meows most of the time doesn’t it mean she’s in pain? That means something must be hurting her right? But Gill only diagnose the crying cause of the runny nose. Came back from work at night and she was restless, moving around meowing alot. Didn’t sleep the whole night just browse thru the internet looking for another vet. Then I came across Peng-Aun which is near my place also near to Gill’s. After waiting for several hours until 10am I rush her down to Peng Aun but was already in serious condition. Later I got a call from them that my cat pass away. That was my first and my most favourate cat and she pass away at age 8. Lesson learn, never to go back there again.

  10. davidw says:

    One thing good about Gill Veterinary is that it is opened during night time, Sundays and public holidays whereby other veterinaries are closed.
    I used to go to Angsana (Farlim) and switched to Peng Aun (Gottlieb Road). However, when an urgent call arised, both the vet clinics are closed (night-time), and the only vet clinic available is Gill

  11. steven says:

    Unfortunately i know about late Dr.Gill but recently Bella have terrible rashes and dandruff ,and his son also a doctor treated her until she totally healed .He was polite and friendly plus the pricing was reasonable compare to Angsana(Farlim) cekik darah !!

  12. delvin says:

    drgill is polite. farlim dr goh a draciula angsana vet

  13. Rin says:

    I won’t bring my cat go Gill anymore.
    My cat just passed away
    Before this I continuously visit doctor about 1month
    Doctor cant find out anything & don’t know how to cure my cat.
    Blood test from other clinic send to him also no follow up.
    They just give medicine week by week…9C

  14. Pat says:

    I have had both a good n bad experiences at many vets. Its depend on the doctor thtcsees you, not the clinic name, choose the senior most xperience ifvthe Dctrs at Gills, Dr Kuljit, he is quite thorough

  15. Courtney says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I am trying to choose which vet to take my kitten, we have had bad experiences at Gils also. Is Hope the best option or does anyone have better recommendations?

    Thank you!

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