Good Driver = Awful Actor

Today i went KLCC with Sarah to catch:For F.R.E.E thanks to my sister for giving me some gift voucher(i think she give me because penang dont have TGV, ahhaha)

So sorry la, no time to edit the photos from Penang yet. A very peaceful day for me, no classes on fridays. Didn’t read the newspaper today and didn’t worry bout football for the whole day as well…hahhhaa Achievement d…

This is RoomieSarah, who is as gila bola as me now. Gila till want to take photo with Beckham.
Pretty right? Maybe i should rename her as SweetSarah. Nicer, teeheee

We had 20 minutes to spare before the movie starts, so we walk around and spotted the Coolest Match Schedule for worldcup. I wish i had one at home. After world cup, somemore can sell. hahaha
The movie, i can conclude as

Chicks + Cars = Chun!!

Very lame story line…EVEN LAME-ER script. EVER! I think the movie would be better off without having any of ’em talking. Surprisingly, some of the yapunis speaks understandable Engrish. hahaa

I practically drooooll over all their rides, the mazda rx, the mustang, WOW!! Don’t even know when i can *touch* it…haizzzz No good looking guys to drool at also except for the only cute guy who appeared for like 10 seconds?? The lead actor looks like 30 when he’s suppose to play the part of a 17 ! Argh. Bad casting. Damn cute righhhhttt !!!!!!!!!

Just a very enjoyable movie, no brainer. GREAT driving skills, i wish i’m in one of the drifting cars. Practically, this is the Hollywood version of Initial D. Even the taufu car, gto. -_-|| Can they be more creative? Even the abusive, strict dad is the same. Plsss la…

Tomoro or in 6 hours time, me and SweetSarah is going to Times Square to catch some premiere sponsored by Smashp0p.

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4 Responses to Good Driver = Awful Actor

  1. summerbear says:

    hey babe….Tat GUy is SO CHUN…ehhe….u spotted him…me & speng also spotted him..after da movie..we was like toking bout him..wat a waste 2 appear just 4 10 seconds..heehe….tak sangka u also notice him..WHAHAHAHA….

  2. angchoonseong says:

    take pic with beckham? can take pic with me oso…hahahah

  3. Eve says:

    summerbear: lengchai wont go un-notice under my laser eyes..hahaha…we all think alike *high 5*

    acs:u give us 10pound, i take pic with you

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