Good things are to be shared!

While on the way to gym yesterday, I took this photo.


Damn cute right?!?!?! 6 poodle puppies all align. Hahaha. I think the color clothing helps to differentiate among each other. So cute, i want to steal them. I love greenlane! Everyday, there’s loads of dogs for me to see. Golden, Beagle, Jack Russell, Poodles and my very own silky terrier.

And recently, i always share the lift with a very old, completely blind pug x chihuahua when the owner(old old uncle) brings it out for a walk in the morning.. Gosh, the blind dog will always be snorting for air and knocking himself to the elevator wall…to be honest, i think its quite ugly…=.=


Another postcard from Wanyean while he’s at Hong Kong! I love receiving postcards from around the globe and I send postcards to myself when I travel, ahhaha.


The song that’s stuck on my head as of last week. Go listen!!! I love this band previous single “Hey There Delilah” as well.  Didn’t the simplicity of the whole songs struck a similarity to you? It’s obvious that I prefer an acoustic music to any other type of genre right? Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson…to name a few.

But look at the lyrics, it’s so sweet. Okla. That’s all for today. Been a good blogger these days eh? Blogging almost on the daily basis. hehehe

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  1. wanster says:

    the 1234 song itself is too cheesy. but i love the video!

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