Goodbye Charlotte Court, Goodbye ABF!

*This was written on the 21st.

I hate goodbyes. Why is it so hard to bid farewell?

Without a doubt, this chapter in my life one that will forever be irreplaceable.So many memories, so many moments that has been shared. I really can’t find the words to describe it. Out of the world.

Just send off the final batch that will be going on their eurotrip. Freezing cold out there, yet the warmth from the hugs are enough for us. I’m glad I did not cry like maniac, although i’m not the only one crying. Who wouldn’t be sad in such situation?

To the class of 2007, Banking & Finance. 2 years has come and gone, all of us has made it through Mr.Wong Kam Hoong’s paper in order to be there. 3 months of studies and travelling has bond us closer than we would had thought. We see our coursemates so different from how we thought they were. Airline food transform people 🙂

Shin & Chua, the 2 most introvert people i know. The most you get from them back then is a nod or few words and now they are the noisiest bunch of all =.= Chua is even the course rep now. Go figure!

There won’t be another chance for us to cramp together to have dinner and tease the guys. I miss AhWong and Shin because now i need to wash my own dishes.No more moments for us to show off what cheap bargains we get from Sunday Market. No more night out with the guys at their nice house, playing Wii. Shopping at Fargate after class. Walking to Netto on Sunday to buy cheap grocerries. Playing chor tai tee after dinner is a MUST! Drinking parties, just to get Shin drunk.hohoho.. Friends that stays so close to each other than we were all within 5 steps away. Watching youtube was our best pastime. Bokga Dance is our best entertaiment 🙂

We will always remember our quirky lecturers, wont we? Mr Cowdell, the one that drinks coffee more than Starbucks can sell. Jon, our only “goodlooking” one. Phillip, the one that always bring a box of chocolates for us and did so many sweet things for us.

We have crossed path in this life, my friends. But it’s time for us to move on towards our future. Hopefully we will meet again in the future but no one can be certain.

Thank you, each and everyone of you. For giving me such wonderful memories, experience and time here. I already miss you all. Especially the girls from Flat 57!!! Happy Birthday HWEE!! my dearest bao ba! remember ALWAYS the times we had in Scotland and Liverpool 🙂

I believe we will be friends for life, not just for this summer or fall. All the best in your future undertakings and you know who to look for if you want to have fun ;p

!!!!!I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!

PS: I’ll be backpacking to Spain and Portugal for 9 days. However, this blog will be updated as usual, so come back ya 🙂

PSS: Wish me luck that some rich spaniards will fall deeply in love with me. Weeeeeeeeeeeee!

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  1. Wanster says:

    this is so vitamin C graduation day. the song that will make everyone cry during the last day of camp.

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