Goong!! BEST SEKALI!!!

I finally finish watching the korean drama goong..Weeeeeeee!!! Watch it with much hardship, like watching through youtube and then can’t find some episode, had to ask my cousin to import them from Penang for. But because i was feeling really guilty for not studying, then i ask her to bring it back to penang with them.

Arhh…the temptation and addiction is too great to resist. And then, my exhousemate lead me to a goldmine. A site with asian drama with ENGLISH SUBTITLE!! Wooohooo~~~~~

Those that want the link, let me know lar. I can tell you that the download speed is faster than torrent, because it’s direct download. Anyway, i know i very outdated with korean or japanese or watever series or movie. This Goong actually finish late last year, i just watch now. They starting Goong S and also Goong 2 already. haha.. i always slow people by years wan.. 😛

So now its 5am, and i just cried like babi for 1 hour because the last episode is like so freaking saddening. Now feel so guilty i must go pujuk balik my textbooks d. They sure very angry with me because i’ve neglect them. ACS say i watched too much Goong and had become gong bin/stupid face. Wise words from our nation scholar. hmmm

My 2nd Korean Drama!! Goong is very good!!! Not as funny as Full House but it made it up to me by having more than 1 good looking cast and sugary storyline. Gets me everytime. Ahhhh…I wanna go back to Korea now..Their type of guy is my type of guy To those that already watched, who would you prefer? Shin or Yul ?? Both i also want ar? sigh…

Why?!?! Why when my mom wanna teach me korean i refuse?? So stupid ok!!!

Oooo…on happier things, its amazing something in a small packet can make my day right? Even better if someone deliver it to your doorstep without you knowing… Hehe…I love this creampuff to bits, like how i love to eat rotiboy. Best cream puff in the world and it lives up to it’s name!! Gonna keep it for lunch tomoro. lalala… Something to share from youtube. This little girl is soo soo amazing. She’s only 11 years old and had her own album already. When i’m 11 years old, i’m still carving a boat from a soap wondering what my mom will cook for lunch.

ManUtd match still going on now..hehe can hear people shouting from the mamaks. Chao first..First paper this saturday!! MayDAy MayDAY~~~

Wish me luck, kthxbai!!

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9 Responses to Goong!! BEST SEKALI!!!

  1. williamt says:

    bread papa’s cream puff?!!! OMG..i did not even try that here yet!

  2. Eve says:

    go try la…krispy kremes also

  3. ting says:

    i LIKE beard papa’s!! i LIKE goong also..but i like shin not yul..although both also cute. CG is cute too

  4. sucksnails says:

    yo bro…can you tell me the link that you have said before…A LOT OF DRAMA hehe…here is my e-mail

  5. Anonymous says:

    hey there:) I luv goong also!! 😛
    can u please tell me the link..cause if i dont get it then ill go crazy! XD (just kiddin’)
    heres my e-mail:

  6. Anonymous says:

    hey… everyone is telling me to see goong and youtube is driving me crazy…could you send me the site…
    my e-mail

  7. chenyeng says:


    Goong! Loves it too! But I’m working at that time, so I can’t watch. Have to resort to youtube. Its resolutions is super sucky, uber blurness..

    I would like to have that site link too! Please give it to me, before I rip off all my hair..

    You can give me through my tagboard on my blog.. Thanks!

  8. Eve says:

    I hope everyone enjoy the link =)

  9. Anonymous says:

    me also want the link…
    i love this series wanna make collection of it…k

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