Hadyai in September!

Week 39 of 2011

Hahah, continue my project 52 with no proper sequence now.

started off in the early morning. It’s always early if you want to go Hatyai by Van from Penang

Sizzler @ Lee Garden. It’s a fresh change as its american food in hatyai. usually its tomyam tomyam all the way. It’s semi-buffet style so you just order a main to get access to the buffet of sides and appetizer and dessert. Famous for the slightly spicy ribs but i reckon Warung Nuri in Bali is still the best in the world.

Why dont we have McD cafe in Malaysia? 
Samurai Pork burger
Extremely fat dog who will beg for money at night market =.=
Swenson’s icecream somehow is so cheap in Thailand. But come to think again, what is cheap in Malaysia? Almost nothing is “affordable” for middle income group.
Ha Sip Kau or Restaurant 59 for final day lunch. I missss..

Babi Guling Thai Version

Frisky is grumpy

Another nice shop for Gelato. So attractive doesnt matter its yummy or not

Indoor Flea Market in Lee Garden. Love this place. Definitely a ladies trap with so many handmade pretty stuff on sale. 

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4 Responses to Hadyai in September!

  1. h3l3n says:

    how long does it take to get to hatyai from png? looks interesting!

  2. Eve says:

    Its a good and cheap weekend getaway spot. Its about 3.5hrs or less depending on the queue at immigration. you can refer to my previous post. more information http://apple4today.com/a-weekend-in-hadyai/

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