Happy *belated* Birthday Apple4today!!

Well, today or rather yesterday, because i’m late by an hour or so is my blog anniversary. That means I’ve been faithfully blogging here for a year already! Wouu…Actually I’ve been blogging for 3 years already =)

7th of February it is. Marks the first anniversary of this very blog, and also closes another chapter in my life.

I’m officially now unemployed and no longer a student. I’ve been up since 5am yesterday and now it’s like 2am. I did it again. Not sleeping again. omg. I’m Super Girl.

Finishing up my last paper in college, also means no more studying for me..at least for the moment. No more studying till morning, by my little cute ikea lamp, staring at the amazing sky. I tell you, the sky is the nicest at around 615AM when the sun is about to rise. The colour of the sky changes so fast, just a wink can change the entire scene. Now, i just wanna be a bum! But i cant!! My 2 years stint in KL is up!! 7th of february. Bai Bai small but comfortable KL room. Bai Bai good hearted owner. Bai Bai SarahexRoomie Bai Bai the food downstairs i love so much, especially tomyum beehon!! Bai Bai eating lunch/dinner/supper with friends. Bai Bai sleeping late at sunrise and not kena nag by daddy or mommy. Alot more to say Bai Bai to….but my heart ache as i try to remember what i would leave behind.

I just got home from meeting up with my penang friends. We chatted like for 6 hours at murni as we did not see each other for a year plus d.. When i got back, room was messy cos Sarah move away ady, kinda sad lor. So i decided to clean up abit since it’s already messy..

Throwing away stuff, every piece of those “stuff” has it’s own memory, even a stupid starbuck sticker, so its like throwing away bits and pieces of my life which i’ve accumulated for the past 2 years.

Actually, i would say my time in KL was wonderful. I’ve been to many many places around here and i dare say to many places even local has not even know of. 90% of shopping complexes i’ve been to and know the way there*shopaholic*. Not bad for a penang girl huh? I was surprise when a cheras friend told me he has not been to the Curve before and i had to show him the way to 1 utama from my place. BUT, he did bring me to this place called Little Genting in Cheras with a really awesome view of KL. Really breathtaking scenery.

I’ve makan alot of good good food like ampang yong tau foo, kajang satay, klang bak kut teh, telok gong seafood, sunway yen steamboat, murni, william@tmn mayang, jogoya and of such. BUT, the food i’ll miss the most i think chowkit’s KIN KIN pan mee! Seriously it’s the best local food i ever had!!

Not to forget, i partied alot in KL also. Party people..whheeeeee… Best time of my life, was merdeka celebration with those crazy bunch in hartamas. Although i dont get to go clubbin like every week, but i still try to go to different clubs at every chance i had. And so i did =) Also to those events that my exhousemate encouraged me to join like FHM’s and Digi’s and Malaysian Idol*i’m on tv :P* and my 21st birthday in KL with my dearies muaks muaks!

Oh ya, and those trip I took to seremban just to say Happy Birthday and the MELAKA trip that i had yet to blog about, uhhuh..so sorry guys! Countless and countless trips to Genting as it’s like so god damn near to my place ok.

When i first got here in KL, i knew i only had 2 years to savour whatever it had to offer me. I guessed i really did it. I’m vow not to be those type that can stay in KL 1 year and the only place that they have been to is sg wang cos it’s the nearest =.=

Great friends i’ve meet and made in KL, Great time spend, Great bargains bought, Great beers/hoegaarden drank, Great food consume.

What’s the best way to end such a lengthy post? What bout having the greatest cream puff in the world!! Not one, not 2 but …… A BOX!! Whhahahaha….Hopefully get to go Loft for the last time tonight.. tralalala…party girl never diessss!!


We only live life once, but once is enough if we truly live it.

*To will, buaya and jasonyong – Don’t send any mail to my KL address as of now ok? no longer staying there d..Thanks! Forward those postcards to my Penang one instead. Buaya, u can remember or not??
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3 Responses to Happy *belated* Birthday Apple4today!!

  1. Boss Stewie says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Eve’s Blog!!!

    Now do I get my share of Beard Papa?

  2. WilZC says:

    wow.. looking at ur room…
    makes me feel proud 😀
    (prints out the pic n go show my mummy, telling her ‘see! i aint thaaat bad’ 😛 hahah kidding)
    eh where do u live here in KL?

  3. angchoonseong says:

    i know its damn late wish, Happy birhthday eve’s blog.

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