Happy Birthday DesmondT

It’s a hectic work day for me. Must be because of the nasty dream I had last night. The feeling is just like sleepwalking. You slept through the whole night yet waking up tired.

That aside, I’m stealing alil bit of time from work to blog about Desmond’s birthday which just passed not long ago. Last Tuesday to be exact. I miss out last year bash because I was, i think London. But the amazing two-0ne still remain fresh~

It was spontaneous which is rare among us. Church St cafe it is!

Rare photo. Since Teong is based in KL and Pling rarely come out nowadays. :p

The birthday boy gift from us. Add-on by ynnek. haha 😀

Love Triangle

Friends, far and near

Just because I like this photo.

The person that has 5 days off work and has too much time on his hand so made a comic out of the photos @_@ @_@

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One Response to Happy Birthday DesmondT

  1. d e s says:

    WHoaaa got one special blog post for my birthday sumore… tenkiu tenkiu…

    Whoa…ah butt really creative… i am still missing the Pling’s ketiak photo..that one reali made me ROFLMAO!

    Thanks for your cake and making this snow beer trip happen (although the snow beer tak begitu bersnow) hahaha

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