Happy Birthday Everyone!!!


I’m back from the long hiatus.Today is 7th day of cny = Yan Yat~ Everyone’s birthday=)

So how did your chinese new year went? Mine was great actually this year! Had time for family and friends equally shared.

On the 30th night, as usual, big dinner at grandma’s place and then i followed my uncle and cousins to watch some fireworks near turf club. Really dangerous as it’s very near to the crowd and when it explode it felt as if the sparks will burn my hair. It’s really that near!

My cousin told me last year some accident happened while they burn the fireworks. Apparently, the box toppled and the fireworks started to shoot horizontally. And it hit one fella’s leg, and of course kena burn, and my cousin told me can even see the bone cos the flesh is gone o_O i’m like Ewww… but i know it’s true because that cousin was also injured a little bit. So, boys and girls, becareful when playing with fire(works) !!

And then we proceed to our yearly ritual of visiting the temple-temple’s sekalian in Penang. 7 temple in total..by the time the trip finished, i was dead tired..damn it..

Lesson for today:
According to tradition, we have to visit odd numbers of temple when we make our rounds else it will be bad luck!

Something i learn from previous experience is to bring a google with you if you can.Haaahaa, else, you will be crying your eyes out by the 2nd temple.The smokes from the jossticks are so scary and the amount of people that throngs the temples.. Wooo…. And also as usual, beggars all over the places.

There’s like small stalls selling birds, i think its dove infront of the temple. It’s the first time i see this kind of stalls in penang, normally i just watch it on tvb, haha. anyway, i don’t see the point of catching the birds flying around and then caged up for awhile and then setting them free again. I mean, they are free in the first already right = . =

According the Kuan Yin temple, this year those under the year of tiger and snake is not so good. There’s actually 2 more but i canot remember d.. That’s the bad thing bout not blogging immediately..heheeh

First day was spent hanging out with the family at grands place again and movie at Gurney with them again. House of Mahjong was the choice because we tot it will give us some cny mood. Chinese new year must watch some stupid chinese movie only can feel like cny. hEhehe

Second day also bout the same, but went Queensbay instead to watch Norbit. It was good !! very recommendable lor!! So so funny!! Another good movie would be Protege. Some gruesome scene but over all good. I feel the china actress did the best job. At night spent playing cards with family at home.

3 full days with the family and then its 3rd day of chinese new year already!! Every year i anticipate this day because me and friends will go over to this other friends house for reunion. Normally we would book the whole day for this reunion. Sometimes or rather most of the time i only get to meet some friends on that day only for the whole year.

The day starts at 2pm and then played card till dinner time. It was great because i get to meet up with my dears =) It’s been so long since i’ve seen them. So many things to catch up on but the only thing we did was play card for the whole day….

Until about dinner time, we started to take photos when some were asking me how come i wasn’t snapping away yet..hehe

The usual trademark one ler, see who can cover whose face in the photo -___- then wats the point of taking photos if all we see is hands infront of your face..hehe..but that’s just how they are…

And then we had the group photo although some of them had already left home. Notice, sweeheng is also there! Woohoo… Yes, i very lambat at sensing his existence when i was there =.=

I love this photo alot!!

After dinner, balik rumah …
Why i go home so early?? Because the 4th day of CNY = 1st day of work at amd lor. Aih..first day very very the superbly sien because month end, they had to close account or something. So i was just sitting at some empty cubicle and staring at Microsoft Window Xp Profesionals for the whole gawd damn day… Arghhhhhhhh…

Second day more or less about the same, except that at night was playing cards at ynnek’s hse..and where i lose alot of battle with Speng..cis..I want my revenge!!!!

Third Day jor, at last i was assigned to some work. I dont mind having work because that will at least occupy my time. I dont like to sit and do nothing wan lor…like rubbish although it’s gaji buta la..hahahaha

Wah..!! Friday night was fun i tell you!! But i’ll leave the details for other day… =)

Have a nice Pai Tee Kong day on Sunday!!!! It’s gonna be like a war zone in Penang since we have so many hokkiens around 😛

ps: I still canot believe that a goalkeeper can score o_O and then mu go own goal..and liverpool game also abit boring lor…sieeeeeennnnn… ( Now i know i kena con after reading newspaper, but was out whole day so couldn’t edit this, si kui DESMOND!!!!! make me malu…)

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5 Responses to Happy Birthday Everyone!!!

  1. williamt says:

    oh man..i miss you guys!!

  2. mrbherng says:

    Just dropping by. Wondering what’s sooo bad about the Tigers this year according to Kuan Yin Ma??? I am a tiger leh…. =(http

  3. Spyd3r says:

    in fact…u kena CONNED adee…

    i tried to kacau buttz manatau u also kena perangkap…

    van der Sar din score laa…and Man Utd didnt score own goal laa…

    hehe thats the price to pay when ppl arrive late to mamaks hehe kidding!


  4. angchoonseong says:


    good stuff! babi..sini boring…

    anyone menang besar or not this year? yb ah hau open hse sure best…

    ah…next next year la i come back for cny

  5. - PC - says:

    hey.. i din no u mix wid desmond and gang… tarc 1 ma.. and frees of cos. haha. looks like u guys having lots of fun..

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