Happy Birthday Mr.Lee

Today’s mine Dads’ 60th Birthday! Happy Birthday DAD!! The King of the Road. Hahaha. Notice the cake got a turtle…means turtle walk faster than my dad’s driving. HAAHAHAHAHA

And my sister send me this photo, of what they had for dinner T_____T Suffering. All looks so yummy…especially Starview specialty, fish soup!! and the fried mayo thingy… T_____T

Not forgetting Jan 14th is also PiggyYee Birthday. Smallest size but oldest among us all.. Thank to you for introducing ur piao dee and liverpool gang to us, or else we wont have such a memorable time in scotland, i doubt the plan will even work without your determination! And also thank you for introducing us to Soon also..now we have a really nice nice time to think back when we are old. Although you are can eat alot and yet not be fat, you know i still love you! hahah..

Happy birthday, old friend!!

6 more freaking days to the end of my stint in this tiny little village!! I am godlike now. Hahaha

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday Mr.Lee

  1. PiggyYee says:

    finally can leave comment dy…connection problem kut.
    wei!where is my present?
    if u have no idea wat to buy hor…i suggest u to pay me some pounds for my present+copy right for the pic.dunno how many times u’ve used it liao. 😛
    faster come back..wait for your william’s corner treat.yohoooo!

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