Happy tumtum in kl

* I intended to post this up in mid January itself and look at how time flies// It’s already the start of another lunar year. How bad a blogger am I to post outdated stuff and soon no longer felt like posting anything at all. Anyway I will finish this up and if I’m (or you hehehe) I will continue to share all the yummeh food I ate in KL. 

Just a collection of yummy food that I’ve consumed in this 1 week stay in KL in no particular order. Been eating out almost every day, striking out those places that has been on my list for far too long.

I knew I had too much when I felt full all the time!! And feeling chubbier than before.

#1 Roti Valentine – Introduced by Teong as supper option when i picked the boys up at KL Sentral. What’s so special about it? Apparently, they serve the BEST roti canai in KL.. hmm.. That’s a huge title to live up to.

Here, we have the Roti Telor which was good!! Followed by mee goreng (mediocre that I’ve actually forgotten the taste by now) and the bottom is Roti Valentine. That consist of onion, sardine and some chilli. It’s really not bad according to the boys but due to the ingredients, I dont quite like it.

20140118-014526 am.jpg

Stor No. 1, Jalan Semarak, Opposite Menara Celcom,

#2 Needs not much of introduction. MyBurgerLab at Seapark.  This was my 3rd attempt (sold out when arrived at 730pm -_-)  in trying to taste it, and after being stuck in a horrible jam of an hour from Mt Kiara to Seapark, I arrived at 630pm (super kiasu) being able to find myself a nice seat by the window.

I had the Beautiful Mess and I think my friend had Swisstake. Photo below are only my burger and I really do love it!! We also ordered the Portabello fries as side and I found it so-so.

20140118-014537 am.jpg

#3 S.Wine at Publika.

I think by now I’ve tried almost everything in Publika. S.Wine is a family favorite we dont mind to revisit it for some porky goodness. Yumm! The pork chops and meatball spaghetti.. Love it! Love it!!


and blogging about it at 130am now is obviously NOT the best idea 12187274364_94bedc6a13_t So I’m going to stop now and continue with the rest of the food such as KGB, Majestic High Tea and Ril’s Steakhouse. Stay Tune!

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  1. The Nonya says:

    I LOVE Publika! Always get a headache there because we can’t decide what to eat. Fat Boy Burgers & Red Bean Bag are still on my wish list.

    Eve: I’ve been to Fat Boys twice and I dont think I’ll go there again for burgers given the choice that KL/PJ offers 🙂

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