Harmony Silk Factory

I was very interested in this book for a few years but it never made into my bookshelf. It was always on the top shelf of most book stores probably because the story was set in Malaysia and written by a Malaysian. So while waiting to board for South Korea last month, I decided to pick it up from the stores.

The novel is divided into 3 portions to narrated the life of the protagonist, Johnny Lim, from 3 different perspective. His son, wife and friend. The concept was interesting as for the same person, views can vary so widely. The first portion was quite interesting and then it become more complex. The 3rd portion for me was all over the place. The plot was just jumping here and there and it really took some time to actually finish the book. I just want to quickly finish the book as I hope it would complete some of the puzzles I had earlier on.

After reading the book, I wiki-ed the author and found out that although he is a Malaysian but didn’t really spend much time in Malaysia. In conclusion, I don’t think this book is for me. Just like the highly raved Haruki Murakami wasn’t for me either. I just felt like throwing the book at the wall the whole time. Ha ha .. 


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  1. The Nonya says:

    My exact thoughts … and I usually like M’sian fiction. The book was like 3 separate stories 🙁
    Tan Twan Eng’s Gift of Rain is really good.

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