Hie There…

Left 1 more day to my final paper of my final final exam. Head feels like exploding now, having a flu and fever all at the same time. Some people has been giving a freaking hard time now. wtf ok… Just hate it alot when things dont go as plan, or get in my way of doing things. fuck offfffffffffffff laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. You people are really getting on my nerve at the wrong time~!!!

Anyway, i bet by now everyone knows bout the robbery in Subang Parade. One of my friend was there at that time as well. When he told me bout it, i dint think it was that serious of the case. Turns out its the biggest robbery heist in our malaysia history, or its not? Dono..

Just thank god, my friend was alright, as unfortunately, while running away from the shooting, he met one of the accomplices holding a M16 gun. Luckily the accomplice back is facing him as else only god knows what will happen. Really like tvb drama…scary lo.

More information can go read this blog.

*I forgot to add, Anyone out there wanna hire me? A job for about 3months? I wanna work in event management line..If got tell me, if not, i’ll be going back to penang to work for amd d…abit boring hehe…Tq…

** And also, those that i’ve meet during the BBM, and took photos with or anything..just add me in msn woofmeowoof@hotmail.com Thanksssssssssss

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2 Responses to Hie There…

  1. pp says:

    aiyoyo…like tvb drama? scary..but mayb can look out for leng chai police..

  2. fishtail says:

    Wah, final paper liao! Hope you get the job you look for 🙂

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