HK Boy Cart Noodles @ Pavilion KL

I work quite close to Pavilion so it’s natural that I tend to hang out at the mall after work especially on rainy days for meals.

Stumbled upon this new noodle place yesterday which is located at the basement, opposite Go Noodle house and it’s packed to the brim.

Looks interesting so we decided to give it a shot as I was craving for pasta and soupy dish at the same time.

Simple step by step self ordering menu. The wait are really helpful in recommending what’s good and also pointing out the portion to us so we won’t be caught by surprise. Also, it’s helpful there’s a menu with photos of the ingredient labelled in English for “banana” like me.

HK style curry fish ball(RM5) as snacks. Taste legit. Not too bad but it’s spicy for me.

Feels like in HongKong la. Haven’t had something like this apart from Kim Gary for the longest time. Each of the standard noodle set is RM13.60. Quite good for the portion. Basically we just order everything that was recommended.

The macaroni braised beef, lemongrass pork chop, luncheon meat with special beef tendon sauce. The lemongrass pork chop is very good.

The other one noodle of braised chicken wings, braised beef tendon in special braised sauce. 3 Layer pork on the side.

I love my combination so much. I foresee this will not be my first and only visit!

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Waze: Pavilion KL
Parking: Mall parking
Business Hours: Mall business hours

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