What’s with the multiple sssss in holiday? The reason being, I’m on my 3 months. It’s official. And it’s a damn long one too. I’m having it and not you. HAHA YOU still have to go college/university/work to do whatever boring stuff you are already doing now.

After dawdling around for the final week of my exam period, which in between, there are inbetween/blackjack/poker session. IT’s FINALLY OVER! I did study fyi. Just enough to make sure i pass with a reasonable grade good enough to satisfy my parents and siblings. hmm..

Now i need to look for a day job to support my “kinda” expensive lifestyle. Meantime, i’ll just bum around. Actually, am waiting for my poker buddies to arrive.haha. got so damn addicted to it already. Can’t believe it that i just learn how to play in the past few days.

I guess all those stayin-awake-whole-nite-before-exam did have some effect on human beings. Im suffering from STML, Short Term Memory Loss. I’ve been called DORY twice within 24 hrs. DAmn it. I’m still very young. Me dont like all those diseases or syndromes or watever trauma.

Great time singing my lungs out in a sleepwalking-dazy condition. All panda united!!

Got to pack now. Going back to my sweet island with pearl tomorrow noon with a fierce uncle of mine. Will dread the trip.


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