I is brilliant

I is so brilliant today.

I deleted all the photos worth of weeks on my camera by accident

I took the photos for the whole day including todays Continental Fairs’

I lost everything because i so smart did not transfer to notebook

I deserve to be punish like a house elf *bangs head on floor*


ps: i go cambridge tomorooo Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Another late night for me. What’s new?

Was browsing friendster, and it seems to me that most of my friends are no longer single. No wonder my life getting alil boring as they are already sailing smoothly into of coupledom. Hmm, me and my friends cant be really consider as young anymore, we are after all all over 21 -_-| It’s rightful for them to spend more time with the other half as an investment for the 2nd half of their life. wtf. not complaining here though.haha

Had lunch today with a few friends and we stumble across this topic. It seems that it’s harder and harder to find ur partner when we grow older. Entering into the working world will sux even more as it will suck all the energy out of you to do anything except sleep when you can.

so where to find companionship?

even harder for me la when a kangaroo is more predictable than me >_>

no wonder the other day a friend said my life’s drought in that section -.-

Okla, in order not to worry my kawan-kawan baik aka seasonsisters anymore, to stop my mom nagging at me by getting a bf, to prevent people fr thinking that i am Homo, to cure my sometimes boredom.. i shall now go on a dating spree!

marilah sesiapa sahaja…

*preferably dying, old, rich man with no children or families at all.. WAhahah

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7 Responses to I is brilliant

  1. Joshua says:

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  2. angchoonseong says:

    to the person above…

    i tot u are going to talk deep about her problem of kangaroo predictable…


    ps: jang….go get tamaguchi bf version la..no need to think so much dee..

  3. Benjamin says:

    you’re straight?


  4. CY says:

    It seems that it’s harder and harder to find ur partner when we grow older. Entering into the working world will sux even more as it will suck all the energy out of you to do anything except sleep when you can.

    Sad but true… But we do have couples meeting in the workplace, or when they’re working, so don’t stop hoping 🙂

  5. Eve says:

    joshua: Thanks for visiting:)

    acs: talk deep haha.. Tamaguchi bf that can print $$ ? I want!

    Benjamin: idiot =.=

    cy: i am not hoping anything ler hehe..not that desperate till can cry cos dying alone t.t

  6. Wan Yean says:

    marilah sesiapa sahaja…

    sex deprivation leads to drastic actions.

  7. mrbherng says:

    There’s a programme called smart recovery which can recover those photos from your memory card. Try to download it or else just let me know I can send you the installation file. Not that huge.

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