I just realised that I’m no longer that young..

Sunday i went rollerblading and skating ala Jessica Simpson in “A Public Affair” mtv with my excolleagues.

AT FIRST, i was pretty steady, maklumlah i am a quick learner.hahaha Then awhile, i still kept my record of zero fall until i was skating beside Louis and he stumbled and i thought he was going to fall. I don’t know whats wrong with me but i guess it’s chain reaction wtf cos i fell so hard on my bum that i felt all the breathe being knock out of me….The funny thing is that i fell instead of him -___-

It fucking hurt so much i couldn’t get up. I was laughing at myself while sittin on the rink while my friends surround me laughing also. Such comical moment..hohohoh..

Then i got up, and got my camera to “capture the moment”. See how fast KT and Louis was skating… so fast till u canot see them clearly..hahaha
Also sarah skating. Must take her photo cos we went out is sempena her belated birthday

Total fall of the day: 2

One on the bum another on the knee so now i have yet another huge bruise on my knee.

The following day i felt the effect. My waist/lower back, neck, arm, wrist, knee, hips, etc etc all hurts at the same time. Which makes me very the kayu for the whole day because i do not want to move too much in case i hurt myself again…

I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll leave this kind of fall-and-you’ll-learn sports to the young while i continue my other favourite sport – MAHJONG!!!!!!!!!!

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