I look like a Cocker Spaniel…

After much procrastination, i finally did it! I aged myself by 20 years within 2 hours. This is how i look before i did anything.

I’m lack of sleep, eyes can’t really open, lack of food, lack of energy, and lack of money..but i did it anyway. All the photos are taken using my handphone as my camera is in bengkel already. *sobsob, scream!!*

I know i look like a chef or some artist from paris, but most people will call me a sohai. Ok, this process is called neutralization. It’s suppose to soften the “molecules” cell of my hair so that the stylist can mold it to any shape you desire, cubic, square, watever… just name it.

I think i look like someone ready for operation but just look at my cheeks..I have no idea why am i blushing. I guess i have a very good blood circulation. HAHAHA

If you notice, behind me is my cousin, getting her hair done also. Thanks to her for being my photographer and driver yesterday. She is the one that looks like the Ring ghost.

This is the back of my head after 20 minutes of neutralization. The roller is the mold for my new hair. I look stupid.

It smells terrible, the chemicals that is on my hair. And its stinging my eyes smells very acidic to me. But as the chinese saying goes ” Oi Leng, Mmm Ngoi Meng”

Camwhore abit..looking more and more like aunty already..mission going to be accomplish soon.

After a round of treatment and resting my head on top of the basin for 15 minutes (treatment la), some more trimming, styling, blowing, more styling and combing and more styling again…


This is how i look. Please ignore my face and focus on my HAIR! Very the maggie mee look. Why my hand is there you may wonder, well, because im wearing black, I canot fully show off my new hair. So i use my hand as a background to contrast the hair colour.

Right after 2 hours of sitting with chemical all over and around my face!!!!

Ladies and gentleman, baby and elephant, let me proudly present to you….

The Cocker Spaniel Human Look-Alike!!!!

– no more combing
– no more complain of hair not being straight
– no more fear of having a line on my hair after tying it up
– fuss-free

~~I love it!! I love it!! I love it!! I love it!! I love it!!~~
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9 Responses to I look like a Cocker Spaniel…

  1. angchoonseong says:


  2. summerbear says:

    welcome aboard 2 da ‘curly fries’ family…

  3. Eve says:

    curly fries looks dry…i want to look like a cocker spaniel..cuter:))

  4. Jason says:

    hey, nice new look. Did that cost you a bomb? Hehehe.

  5. fishtail says:

    Very very cool! Ok, now I will recognize you when/if I see you in Gurney Plaza (or at Pulau Tikus steamboat).

  6. will.i.am.t says:

    i like the second pic. lolz

  7. Eve says:

    Jason: It doesnt cost me bomb cos its done by a friend. nyek nyek

    Fishtail: but i wouldn’t know who u are..no fair. Why steamboat?? u always go there? haha

    Will: u like it when i look like a cancer patient?

  8. yvy says:

    chewah!! for once i see ppl actually wanna go curl their hair. normally all gurls want is long stick straight hair. must be the ‘in’ thing now lar. lol 😛 me….born with the most stubbornest curls/frizz ever. aiyooo….straightenning it only lasted 1/2 hr, after that…boing! boing! 😛

  9. Eve says:

    Actually, i’m already quite “out” d. Most of my friends has curly fries for hair already. I just wanna try something different. I wan it to be even more frizzy like afro. ahaha.. Maybe next time =)

    Try permanent rebonding la..at least will last you 4 months before regrowth is too obvious.

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