I was once rich

I was once rich.

i never expect myself to be richest when i work as a waitress in a village with sheep and horses around me.

*HOLY SHIT! while searching for the photo of the takeaway i used to work for, i realize i lost the whole batch of photos! The photos of me jogging alone, sheeps and country!!*

Just to show you the level of “ulu-ness” the kampung i once lived in was. Sheffield HighStreet VS sadly, Blyton Highstreet.

Can you see the differences?

But i was happy there. occasionnaly homesick but honestly contented and peaceful. I earned roughly double the amount i’m earning now with zero stress, zero overtime. My pay reads nett profit = savings.

6 hours of work and my job scope is watching tv, socialising with customers and eating.

Morning was spend jogging around the neighborhood or going into nearest small town, Gainsborough for groceries with boss.

After work, I’ll be stuff full with food by boss and since my boss fancy seafood, we always have fish or mussels or prawns aplenty. Then it’s msn time with folks in Malaysia who just woke up. Chatting it up with my dearies used to be like my right; now it’s a privileage. I eat whatever I want and turn into shopalholic during offday simply because i can afford ’em. Not forgetting celebrating xmas and ny very differently from here.

Back in Penang, I now work for a MNC that is “branded” everyone goes GOOd for you!! when i mention the company X.

So what~

I earn so much lesser, with much more expenses, much more stress, and much longer hours definitely. I haven’t been to the gym for god knows how long.

I’m so poor that I have to think twice or thrice before buying a sandwich from Subway, and leaving the shop empty handed. Definately not getting any better when my monthly expenses are sucking the life out of me.

Last night, i just feel like having dinner with a friend. A FRIEND in penang. Who to call? I realized i have no more good friends left in penang. What is happening to my life? Family and friends are very important. Going back to your roots too. I love penang and all the jazz but I’m just in my early twenties. I had this conversation with my friend Kim the other day..same scenario. Study loan which can be paid off in 6 months, but we choose to come home. 7 fucking long years now…

Why did I even allow myself to end up here?

Not being strong enough to stay on for a longer period of time or taking the igs are comfortably seated on top of my list of regrets for my life so far.

-end of verbal diarhea-

Signing out, Yours Truly.

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3 Responses to I was once rich

  1. Mr Huhu says:

    go back to blyton, marry farmer there…

  2. wanster says:

    ya… working part time in mcdonalds in australia is $22 per hour. let’s go!

  3. Mr Huhu says:

    $22? no way. it shud b around $15 per hour. unless u r the superviser, or weekend works

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