Indonesia -Best of Part I


In Indonesia, as everyone knows, there’s a huge gap between the rich and the poor. If you are rich, you travel with this (driver/supir are normally in the package)

Most Indons drive SUV & MPV tinted so heavily you cant see your hands. For safety reasons.

There’s public transport available. Sometimes its full so you’ll have to ride on the roof.(seriously, same goes with the train there)

The minibus. Most of the time, you can see people spilling out of the door.

Not so rich? No problem. Only RM6 1 way:

A very common sight in Jogja

Too poor for anything? Well, i guess you’ll have to walk then..*shrugs shoulder*

If you are one of those taitai-dom, most probably we’ll find you here.



Some of the many malls in Indon. P.Ex caters 4 d young, they have Dj spinning housemusic.

Not enuf cash to qualify? There’s plenty of jobs opportunity in Indonesia, employement rate are practically 0%(fiction ok!)

D mask dancer only in Bandung. There’s aspiring musician, car cleaner, beggers, robbers surrounding your car each time you stop.

Obviously being ones of the elites, you will only eat the best there’s to offer.

J.Co Donuts- Best i’ve ever hAD!!!

Everything is very crispy in Indonesia!

Suharti Crispy Chicken

Can’t afford? Try to eat this. You might just win yourself Fiiveeeee Thooouuusaaannnnd Dollllllarrrrrr in COLD HARD CASH! UMMPHH!!

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8 Responses to Indonesia -Best of Part I

  1. cK says:

    🙁 you’re making me hungry..

    btw, are u really serious about riding on the roof thing? not dangerous ar?

  2. Eve says:

    serious! like fear factor indon k…the minibus is just next to our car and we saw kids clinging on to the roof.Then my couz says it’s nothing compared to the trains o_0

    I think you should have in the states. It’s fr there…

  3. christalloh says:

    u’ve make me hungry… i want gado-gado, nasi uduk, mee soto… & all of indo food dong…. cis… i want my indo food…

    about the JOB think, i’ve seen it before kay in M’sia… ofcourse they were performed by my ex-housemate(herman &DQ) outside my car… singing & dancing…. we were in Melacca then… lol… so it really happens in indo ya… they have a name for them… cant remember…. lol…

  4. J!MMY says:

    wahlau, like very keng only. i likey.

  5. cK says:

    ehh of coz i’m not talking about the donuts! it’s the other stuff!

  6. Eve says:

    Chris: those performed by herman & Dq not counted la. they perform FOC wan. this they use dirty rags wipe ur car, u still need to pay them. nasi uduk suxx….it’s cow skin ok..

    j!immy: keng la..abothen. haha

    Chinkian: u want to try the cilipadi wan?

  7. Laksa says:

    nice pics! i’ve been thinking of making a trip to indo. one of these days…

  8. Eve says:

    laksa: thankiu, i too plan to make a trip over sabah & sarawak 1 day =)my bro say very nice & happening.

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