Indonesia – First day

Here’s the first part of my trip. I’ll blog bout it bit by bit. So me, bro, sis & couz boarded AirAsia to the new Low Cost Carrier Terminal from Penang on Saturday to meet my sis bf, Ray. The terminal is just open for 2 days, it’s new but the things are recycled stuff i think. The rotating belt for our luggage looks old. I wont be surprised if they say it’s from Subang Airport. It’s looks alot like a big warehouse. There’s McD, Coffee Bean and Asian Delight and a book store. McDonalds is stuffy and full of flies. Blegghh…

Well, our return flights from Penang to Jakarta is totally free excluding airport taxes. Thanks to AirAsia. Now Everyone can Fly…

Reach jakarta at 6pm, Msia time is 7pm and straight away we went to have dinner on a boat. Yes, on a boat as it’s my uncle and aunt wedding anniversary. The restaurant dig up a lake and have LOADS of koi fish in it..there’s a bridge connecting to the boat and we ate on the boat in a man made lake. How cool is that? Alright, not really THAT cool…

After dinner, bro followed a relative to a famous club, called DragonFly where all the rich go. A bottle of chivas cost more than RM500! Imagine that. According to bro, they had great dj that spins house music and lots of chun/hot/taken chicks. hehee

As for me, i went to Plaza Ex the hottest mall in town with indo couz, Jean. I’m impressed with the facade of the building, quirky and all. Inside of it, WOW!! It’s like the mother of all Pai Ka’s hangout ok. You see all youngsters there, looking like someone fr OC or Dawson Creek, just different complexion. The cinema just knock me out. Totally. It’s has a game room for those tat arrive early. A grand piano at the entrance and the interior is like i stepped into Hogwarts.

The normal class is better than our Premier class. Wide, comfy plush seats that i can fully extend my legs(i have quite long ones). It cost us Rm12-13 each. Normally i pay around RM10 to watch a movie in KL. and the best part is………… we can actually recline the seat!!! YES! It’s like those osim chair where a thing pops up to rest ur legs. The premiere class cost aroud RM40 but you get drinks and a blanket to go with. And each show can occupy less than 20 patrons. That’s totally COOL OK!!

Be sure to visit Plaza Indonesia/EX if you happen to be in Jakarta!!!!!!

The show ends aroud 1am which is 2am in Msia. We go round the city and head home. There’s a street that has a whole stretch of vendors selling the same thing. VIAGRA. hahaha

Ps: im bloggin about the first day only! and it’s already so long…hehhee

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